LXDAO Community Call #54

Host: @Marcus

Date: 24th June 2023, Sat
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Time zone: Beijing Time (UTC+8)

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this week

  1. Improve and supplement the content of product improvement in the Donate3 proposal. :link:
  2. Prepare a Donate3 introduction, plan the content, and make it easy for interested members to join the organization.

Hello everyone, I am the PM of Donate3——0xhardman. Donate3 is the basic donation protocol of the Web3 world, which makes the means of donation payment more diverse, complete and simple. At present, the MVP version has been completed, and it has been integrated with lxdao internal projects MyFirstLayer2, EIPsFun, and everyone is welcome to try it out. At present, the project is urgently recruiting front-end development, nodejs back-end development, designers, product managers, welcome friends who are interested to contact me. You are welcome to check the link in the comment area or the weekly report to learn more.

  1. Complete MyFirstLayer2, Donate3 integration of EIPS Fun in the independent branch. MFL2 EIPsFun
  2. Clarify the product requirements for Donate3 donation records.

next week

  1. Long-term recruitment of front-end and back-end contract development.
  2. Start the backend project migration.
  3. Contact contract development to develop SBT functions.
  4. Develop a one-click export function for donation records.
  5. Establish a bug feedback channel


  1. 完善补充 Donate3 提案中关于产品完善的内容。 :link:
  2. 准备一份 Donate3 介绍,计划内容,方便感兴趣的成员加入组织。

大家好我是Donate3的PM——0xhardman。Donate3是Web3世界基础捐赠协议,让捐赠支付的手段变得更加多元,完善,简单。目前已经完成了MVP版本,与lxdao内部项目MyFirstLayer2, EIPsFun进行了集成,欢迎大家进行试用。目前项目急招前端开发,nodejs后端开发,设计师,产品经理,欢迎感兴趣的朋友与我联系。欢迎大家查看评论区或周报中的链接进行了解。

  1. 在独立分支里完成 MyFirstLayer2, EIPS Fun的 Donate3 集成。MFL2 EIPsFun
  2. 明确 Donate3 捐赠记录的产品需求


  1. 长期招募前端后端合约开发。
  2. 启动后端项目迁移。
  3. 联系合约开发,开发SBT功能。
  4. 开发捐赠记录一键导出功能。
  5. 建立bug反馈渠道


Sorry, I will miss the meeting today, I will be on the airplane.

Financing Working Group

This Week:

  • Confirmed investment commitments total: $404K (26.9%)
  • Finished the new deck
  • Finished the SAFT agreement
  • Routine works, contact with VCs

Next Week:

  • Start contacting more VCs and investors with the new deck
  • Follow up with VCs and monitor progress

EIPs Fun

This Week:

  • Released the project on production https://eips.fun/
  • Finished the stage 1 development work
  • Will start promoting soon, need operators
  • Follow up on the progress of the grant application

Next Week:

  • Start social media operating
  • Compose a product introduction post
  • Preparing the promotion operation
  • Keep discussing the EIPs Grants design


This Week:

  • Improved UI design and frontend
  • Invited more experts to review the project, feel free to check and test https://layer2.myfirst.io/
  • Discussed operation plans for the project

Next Week:

  • Discuss the operation plans and prepare for promoting
  • Integrate with Donate3
  • Sync with ESP

Operation Group

This Week

  • 1 Daily Operation: weekly report post on wechat official and medium, community operation
  • 2 Content’s basic: Content framework & channel & workflow & member confirm
  • 4 BD: BD deck content finished
  • 5 Community operation: Community member’s processing improve meeting (guide of New people join LXDAO, get info, know the work mechanism co-work and join group and initiate a proposal
  • 6 HackerHouse: prepare & basic info confirm
  • 7 LX Talk: first Talk prepare
  • 8 LX Share: video & words content produce
  • 9 SOP improve: Team Auto’s Bot
  • 10 WorkShop3’s first plan
  • 11 Web3BD.network roduct design

Next Week

  • 1 Daily Operation: weekly report post on Wechat official and medium, community operation
  • 2 Content’s basic: content release plan and execute
  • 3 Content: DAO guide article (after governance’s doc)
  • 4 BD: BD deck Design & Cooperation’s group & Thanks to them & BD deck to group
  • 5 Community operation improving’s update & execute
  • 6 LX Talk: first Talk prepare
  • 7 WorkShop3’s first plan
  • 8 Web3BD.network product design
  • 9 Activity: (idea) Operation Work as experiment prepare, content co-with fairsharing

Airdrop Badge

DAO Tools

This week:

  1. Analyze DAOstar requirements and technology, and hold a meeting.
  2. Drafting DAOstar project proposal.
  3. Development, testing and bug fixing of the official website.

Next week:

  1. Continue to follow up the DAOstar project.
  2. Official website development.
  3. Research Fairsharing product.

Technical Expert

This week:

  1. Draft proposal to redefine the working group.
  2. Recruited 2 new members.
  3. Collected some of the illustrated of Ethereum information.

Next week:

  1. Do special research.
  2. Continue to evaluate the illustrated of Ethereum project.

Governance Group

This Week:

  • Communicate with BlockModel about token design and collaboration methods
  • Token Design: Shrinking the Scope of Token Design Issues
  • Day-to-day governance coordination
  • Paper: Public Goods Sustainability Paper in Progress

Next Week:

  • Initiated builder card application proposals for some members(Meet the application requirements)
  • Defined token economy problem, initiated token economy design discussion
  • Launching a community survey questionnaire