Fairsharing project

Fair sharing is a tool or DAO model for redesigning human reward-sharing. Make it more acceptable and automated.

I have talked with Mike about the idea of using the forked nostr protocol for the tools purpose.

The tool from the previous hackathon is more like an expense interface. People must note down their work list and submit it to the tool by the end of each month. (And pay for the gas)

A more user-friendly way is to post a tweet when you get the task done, which notifies your workmate to enable better collaboration. Based on the nostr protocol, it is easy to implement such a system.

In web2, there is a product named yammer, similar to Twitter but for the communication inside a corp. It doesn’t work so well: if you post too often, you are 摸鱼.

However, in DAO, we only care if the task is done. You are free to catch all fish if you can finish the job.

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Actually not. People can record their work at any time, and others can verify your work at any time, and that verification is done by the signature (no gas), but when you mint tokens (which represent your contributions) you need to pay for the gas fee.

We could use L2 to reduce the cost of gas.

Well, from my perspective, I feel a bit weird to post a tweet to say I have done some work with details. And that is the reason why I don’t use Yammer or check Yammer at all. Not much useful information.

I would suggest we focus on the pure and simplest idea of the project: Redefine sharing in a group of people working on a project to make it fair and decentralized.

That is what I am worried about.
If just the signature, it means the tasks are recorded on a centerizalzed db but not on chain yet.
Nostr like protocol makes sure that users are free to store data on any relay (if relay doesnt reject a ‘bad address’), at least no single relay can delete part of the data (user can store tweets on several relaies for redundancy).

Sure, different people have different feeling. I was also feeling difficulty to post on a forum when I was new here.
However, we can post a tweet with github PR, which can be helpful for others to esstimate the PoW. And we can interactively discuss about the details if others have questions about the contribution.

I dont like Yammer too. But I think the yammer mode is better in DAO than inside a crop.

For the concreate UX on how to record the pow, we can do some exploration and elove it with our community, or even we can provide 2 preferences if our community like them both.

I’ve completed the user journey here, Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Next step:
I will design the prototype (probably HD version), then solicit opinions in community, then we can kick off working on it since it is a relatively certain need for our DAO. We can learn it by iterating and doing.

Anyone’s suggestion or contribution is welcome.

Re name of this product, here are some exploration:

In the book ImpactDAOs there is the concept of Proof of Humanity.
I like the humanpow.xyz as pow.xyz domain is very expensive.

For a short-term, we can just use this for proof of work, work amount recording purpose.

For a long-term, it can be used for Proof of Humanity, airdrop, anti Sybil attack, and goverence.

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I can help on UX/UI design for this project

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On our demo https://fairsharing.vercel.app/ we were using db3.js which is based on IPFS or Web3 storage. It should be fine, we don’t have to use a DB by ourselves.

In this case, are we using Nostr for just storage requirements?

Yes, checked GitHub - dbpunk-labs/db3: a Lightweight Web3 Permanent Database page and DB3 is suggested for 2. A fully on-chain social network.

However, nostr protocol is a fully decentralized and off-chain social network.

A highlight feature is that, it can be used for collaboration acrossed DAOs one day.

Talked with KJ, the problem of nostr may be we have to build and maintain the relay ourselves, we can not leverage the relays of nostr since they are for bitcoin wallet only (to be verified again?), if that is the case, we may reconsider the tech stack in long run for backend (maybe using db3+AR is a good option considering data ownership is vital to this product).

Any thought?

Agree, the most important thing for this project isn’t the storage method of the content but the fair sharing idea, and ownership represented by tokens.

We can use the forked Nostr protocol for ETH

Derive ETH address from existing pubkey by kernel1983 · Pull Request #258 · nostr-protocol/nips · GitHub since the BTC OG doesnt like ETH address :slight_smile:

Here is the design, any suggestion is welcome.

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@Bruce_LXDAO Could you take a look at the design and provide your feedbacks, we can continue to iterate from here (hackathon is just a start)

In long run, we will help user build their DAO resume, the key is to allow user to mint a SBT, then link it to a public page (all your DAO contribution/allocation history which is tamper-proof, verifiable, and owned by you), this use case may unlock a lot of forces of production, i.e. motivate a multitude of people to openly contribute to all kinds of open projects and earn the reward they deserve.

Long term wise, I am bullish on this DAO tool if we can make it happen. Hackathon works is just a small start.

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From this perspective, we should integrate with https://attest.sh/ and push the records on it.

Also, I’m thinking we could collaborate with one of the L2s (go to BD with Scroll, OP, StarkWave, Base, etc) and see who is interested in this idea, and we will use it as the default and recommended chain. Of course, they should provide ecosystem grants to this project.

This is amazing! I love the simple design. Missing some features but this is OK for now.

At this moment, I think we should do:

  1. Make a project deck for this idea
  2. Make a proposal in LXDAO for the idea, milestone, budgets, etc
  3. Initiate the project after the proposal got approved
  4. Form a project team, BD L2s, and find angel investors and grants. Before the grants come in, LXDAO should cover the costs

Who would like to take the lead?

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If it is not me who takes the lead, who else? I will be the PM for sure haha

Sounds like you are from Ali :rofl:

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Both NFT and EAS are OK.

We import the current contributors list from the LX member NFT (from polygon events).

Since the nostr protocol can not save the state (any one can append), we could try to use EAS to record the monthly contribution on chain in batch.

I am researching EAS deeply together with Kahn, we will share the research result soon in LXDAO community, we can see what and how we can do with EAS for fair sharing product.