The illustrated Ethereum

This project is really good but stopped 5 years ago. I’m thinking maybe we could help to finish it and make a much more beautiful version.

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Maybe create EBook or something for it

We could help to redesign the graphs and update the content. We could also publish it as Books and get some income. Of course, have to send part of them to takenobu-hs and put his (her?) name on the book.

Sent an email to the original author seeking advice. Waiting for 2 weeks. If no response, will start the project by following the open-source license.

I am reading this PDF file. Would be glad to contribute in this project if I find something I am capable.

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By the way, I am Tiao in the community and may have caused some confusion due to the different names (I am quite new in to this kind of knowledge and sometimes forget my accounts). If so then I am sorry for the confusion before. And I have changed into this account now, you can call me 跳.

Found a guy who might interested on this project