The illustrated Ethereum

This project is really good but stopped 5 years ago. I’m thinking maybe we could help to finish it and make a much more beautiful version.


Maybe create EBook or something for it

We could help to redesign the graphs and update the content. We could also publish it as Books and get some income. Of course, have to send part of them to takenobu-hs and put his (her?) name on the book.

Sent an email to the original author seeking advice. Waiting for 2 weeks. If no response, will start the project by following the open-source license.

I am reading this PDF file. Would be glad to contribute in this project if I find something I am capable.

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By the way, I am Tiao in the community and may have caused some confusion due to the different names (I am quite new in to this kind of knowledge and sometimes forget my accounts). If so then I am sorry for the confusion before. And I have changed into this account now, you can call me 跳.

Found a guy who might interested on this project

My idea: based on Ethereum EVM Illustrated:

  1. Expand from EVM to a comprehensive overview of Ethereum. We could draw from the structure and content of the book “Mastering Ethereum”;
  2. Supplement unfinished and work-in-progress sections from it;
  3. Optimize and update the content, clarifying complex parts and improving the quality of illustrations.

This project caters to all levels of readers:

  • Beginners can learn step by step;
  • Intermediate Ethereum devs can delve into the underlying logic;
  • Advanced Ethereum devs can use it as an authoritative reference to explain concepts.

Our goal:

To create a continuously updated Illustrated Ethereum resource hosted by LXDAO, helping everyone understand Ethereum in the fastest and easiest way. It is a Public Good.


  1. Create a Web3 publishing model: launching an official website, crowdfunding by creating book NFTs, sending email updates for the book, holding community-driven discussions and create content every week, and managing through the open-source repository.
  2. Experiment with new collaboration and contribution models: automate sharing royalties, donations, and publication revenues through Fairsharing.
  3. Build a community and influence: as the book is written, gradually attract more people to participate, learn, and join LXDAO. Participants can also take this opportunity to delve into Ethereum.

I think it’s good to do this project, but how do we do it creatively, there are quite a lot of illustrations on the market about ethereum第一章.html

Maybe you could collect them and put them here for discussion. Maybe we don’t need to do it again if we find a better one.

Currently, many projects that visually explain Ethereum are quite fragmented and cannot provide a comprehensive introduction to Ethereum. Moreover, Ethereum itself is constantly evolving, and much of the content is outdated. We can work on a project like this to address these issues.

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Good shares. It shows there are some needs for illustrations of Ethereum. But as you might see, the quality is unstable, and the content is fragmented. It’s a good opportunity to provide an opensource and community-driven project for it.

After discussion, we need to increase research and collect to see if there are enough books or files like this.

Also, after consulting with experts, we need to assemble a judging team (with experts) to make the final decision on the diagrams, ensure the quality is good and reduce the discussion cost.

Here are some books related to Ethereum that I have collected, but we need to do user group analysis.

inoutcode/ethereum_book: 精通以太坊 (中文版) (

Ethereum Whitepaper | Ethereum For Dummies: 9781119474128: Solomon, Michael G.: Books

Ethereum: Blockchains, Digital Assets, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations: Diedrich, Henning: 9781523930470: Books Ethereum: The Ultimate Guide to the World of Ethereum, Ethereum Mining, Ethereum Investing, Smart Contracts, Dapps and DAOs, Ether, Blockchain Technology eBook : Takashima, Ikuya: Kindle Store

Learn Ethereum: Build your own decentralized applications with Ethereum and smart contracts: Wu, Xun (Brian), Zou, Zhihong, Song, Dongying: 9781789954111: Books

In the next meeting, we will focus on the following points:

  1. Evaluate the collected informations.
  2. Analyze who the book ‘The Illustrated Ethereum’ is intended for.
  3. Identify the difficult points of writing the book.

Some table of contents from the above books:

Ethereum For Dummies 2019

  • Ethereum fundamentals
  • Exploring distributed networks
  • Mining Ethereum tokens
  • Managing Ethereum keys
  • Building smart contacts
  • Decentralized applications
  • The Ethereum virtual machine
  • Public and private chains

Ethereum: Blockchains, Digital Assets, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations Paperback – September 8, 2016

From the Book’s Index:

What is Ethereum?
What is Ether?
What is Ethereum Not?
What is Ethereum Used for?
Create Your Own Digital Currency!
How Does Ethereum Compare?
How Does Ethereum Work?

What is a Blockchain?
What is Cryptography?
What´s the Magic?
What is Holding It Back?
What is a Cryptocurrency?
What is a Digital Currency?
What is a Digital Asset?
What is a Mirror Asset?
What is Consensus?
What is Proof–of–Work?
What is Proof–of–Stake?
What is a Hard–Fork?
What is Mining?
What is Decentralized Code?
What is a Decentralized Application (Dapp)?
What is a Smart Contract?
What is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)?
What is an Oracle?
What is Timestamping?
What is a Private Chain?
What is the EVM?
What is Gas?
What is Solidity?

How Fast is Ethereum / Latency?
What is Ethereum´s Capacity / Throughput?
What is Probabilistic Finality?
How Ready is Ethereum?
Is Ethereum Legal?

How did Bitcoin Start?
What’s the Story Behind Ethereum?
What is The DAO?
What is Ethereum Classic?
What is all the Hype about?
What’s the Future?
Will Ethereum Change the World?

APPENDIX with technical notes
Hello, World!

Learn Ethereum: Build your own decentralized applications with Ethereum and smart contracts 2019

  1. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  2. Ethereum Architecture and Ecosystem
  3. Deep Research on Ethereum
  4. Solidity Fundamentals
  5. Developing Your Own Cryptocurrency
  6. Smart Contract Development and Test Fundamentals
  7. Writing UI for the DApps
  8. Ethereum Tools and Frameworks
  9. Creating an Ethereum Private Chain
  10. Deployment of Your Smart Contract
  11. Building Ethereum Wallets
  12. Conclusion

Mastering Ethereum, by Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Gavin Wood last update 2021

Ethereum Whitepaper

There are some diagrams on the page

Hi, I think translation group can contribute to this project (or other projects considering Web3 education) in some way.
I am thinking about to curate the articles that explain/describe the basic concepts in Web3. The ultimate goal is to contribute to Web3 by learning Web3. We can translate, learn together, and create content for Web3 education together (I mean in the community).

This vision is exciting, but I don’t think we need to have a specific plan. We may accomplish this goal little by little. I will try it myself first.

Here is an article that introduces EVM. I have translated it into Chinese. Do you think that it can be published on our wechat account? Looking forward to your suggestions!

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Yeah, of course. During this creation process, we will research a lot of files, we could translate or compile the content and share it with the community.