Proposal - Redefining technical expert working group (draft)

Title: Redefining technical expert working group

Authors: Kahn

Date Created: 2023.06.21


The current working group of technical experts is exposed to work beyond technical.

  1. External BD collaborations, for example, also require the involvement of product and domain experts in the evaluation.
  2. Recent special studies conducted may require the participation of researchers.

For the above reasons, to better support the community operation, as the leader, I will initiate a proposal to redefine the technical expert working group.

Some responsibilities have also been adjusted, such as BD-related.

Redefining content

Rename group name

The working group was renamed the expert working group, and the team personnel remained the same.


  • Participate in internal community project activities.
  1. Technology selection, technical solution design, etc.
  2. Professional evaluation and advice.
  3. Contract audit; critical code review.
  4. Follow up on the project status and output reports on the cycle.
  • Participate in external BD projects in the community.
  1. Participate in BD project communication, exchange, professional evaluation, etc., according to the community’s needs.
  2. Collaborate with other working groups to complete project BD.
  • Enhance the professional influence of the community.
  1. Assemble thematic research work and output research results (reports, articles) to be shared within or outside the community.
  • Competency Assessment.
  1. Give the community an assessment of members’ skill levels for more reasonable incentives.

Rotation Mechanism

  • Rotation takes place every quarter.
  • Before the start of the next quarter, the leader will issue a community recruitment notice.
  • The leader organizes a meeting of all members participating in the working group to discuss the work content of the next quarter, and the leader decides who will participate in the next quarter.
  • It is determined that all those participating in the working group can run for the leader and vote in the community; if no one participates in the election, the previous leader will continue to serve.



  • Must be a member of the community.
  • 5+ years of experience with at least senior level in some technical or specialized area.
  • At least one year of experience in web3, preferably with medium to large-scale project experience in the technical field.
  • Possess good communication and presentation skills.

Apply Process

  1. Make your application to the group, or any working group member invite you.
  2. Provide your background information to review, such as education, companies you have worked for, skills, etc.
  3. The team leader initiates a vote and achieves a 100% pass rate.


  1. Team members can voluntarily apply to withdraw from the working group.
  2. Team members will be dismissed by governance for violating the community governance regulations and dismissed from the working group.
  3. Team members who do not produce any pow within 1 season will be dismissed.


  • Within the quarterly budget, the specific use of the budget is voted on by the working group members.
  • Fixed position salary expenditure.
  • Bounty mission payouts.

Seems this part is incomplete.

Is there a missing statement of income?

OK, you mean the original budgets remain the same and no change right?

True, the budgets and team setting has not changed.