LXDAO Community Call #57

Host: @Marcus

Date: 15th July 2023, Sat
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Time zone: Beijing Time (UTC+8)

Meeting Links: Join conversation


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Financing Working Group

This Week:

  • Confirmed investment commitments total: $554K (36.9%)
  • Updated official website with Deck link
  • Routine works: contact with VCs

Next Week:

  • Rountine works: contact with VCs and investors
  • Follow up with confirmed investors to transfer funds into the treasury

EIPs Fun

This Week:

  • Improved website UI and added video contents
  • Updated operation strategies for more focus on the website
  • Got feedbacks from ESP and scheduled another meeting on next Wed
  • Tried to integrate with Donate3 but found some issues, gave feedback to Donate3
  • Designed EIPs Grants product
  • Hold a meeting with Scott and Hazel regarding the EIPs Grants Design, got some feedback
  • Routine works: Newsletters, meetings, etc.

Next Week:

  • Compose a product introduction post
  • Keep discussing the EIPs Grants design
  • Rountine works: Operation, BD, todos, etc.


This Week:

  • No updates

Next Week:

  • Compose a project introduction post and start promoting
  • Improve the animation and interaction
  • Need one operator!

Prepare: The illustrated Ethereum

This Week:

  • Did research on the diagrams drawing tools, will use Miro
  • Changed the strategies for drawing diagrams, content is more important than UI, so will reduce UI costs and more focus on the content

Next Week:

  • List outlines of the book
  • Finished a few example diagrams

Hackathon: Consensys

This Week:

  • Doing research on MetaMask snaps
  • Thinking about the whitelist hackathon product design
  • Thinking to apply for hackathon budgets for LXDAO in next season

Next Week:

  • Assemble the team to start working on the project
  • Propose the idea for hackathon budgets on the forum

Update on FairSharing:
After more deep thinking, research and discussion, I will submit the proposal this weekend to kick off this new exiciting project.


This week

  1. Onboarding new phase of project team members, R&D partners familiarize themselves with the code this weekend.
  2. Revising the operations proposal and launching a poll, everyone is welcome to [vote](Snapshot 0x4b6da5850cd1eeb59cdbbc36a874bade498d22b4f12e177edb6642522a330800)
  3. promote operation work, establish twitter, instant account, establish discord, welcome to join.
  4. design product features to advance the project team, research and development proposals for modification and improvement.
  5. completed a twitter propaganda manuscript, currently released.
  6. EAS function is still in the process of design. 7.
  7. Re-recorded the video screen, but not yet uploaded.

Next week

  1. Finish scheduling next week’s tasks at the end of the week. Additional detailed scheduling will be done when completed.
  2. Progress PGN Testnet access. 3.
  3. Complete draft access guide.


  1. Onboarding 新一期项目组成员,研发伙伴本周末熟悉代码。
  2. 修改运营提案,并发起投票,欢迎大家投票
  3. 推进运营工作,建立twitter、即刻账号,建立discord,欢迎大家加入。
  4. 设计产品功能推进项目组,研发提案的修改完善。
  5. 完成了一篇twitter宣发文稿,目前已发布。
  6. EAS功能仍在设计中。
  7. 重录使用视屏,但还未上传。


  1. 周末完成下周的任务排期。完成后会进行补充详细排期。
  2. 推进PGN Testnet接入。
  3. 完成接入指南文稿。
  4. 发起开发组的提案。
  5. 策划一个项目的 launch 活动。
  6. 整理一下第一批的BD合作名单。


This week

  • Content:
    • DAO Guide 100%
    • EIPs Fun’s content suggestion
  • BD:
    • Follow up MAPDAO cooperation
  • Workshop3
    • LX workshop - 6551
    • Design Bounty, cooperation with Expert Group.
    • Update NFT’s plan.
  • Activities:
    • Sharing *2
    • HackerHouse:publish article
    • Hackathon: Consensys
    • Operation Work as experiment prepare, content co-with fairsharing
  • LX Talk
    • Adjust frequency of LX Talk
    • Post Podcast of Talking with Marcus
    • SOP set

Next Week

  • Content:
    • DAO guide * 5 publish
    • Edit team‘s explain: how to collaborate with each other in this team.
  • BD
    • Tidy BD cooperation list
    • BD doc English verion
    • BD SOP post at forum
    • BD meeting
  • Translation
    • Ceramic publish & Github
  • Activities
    • Hackathon: Consensys
    • Hackathon executing plan
    • Product sharing tea-party
    • G-eth distribute with Galxe
    • cooperation with Expert Group
      • L1 sharing
      • L2 SOP: sharing session、seminar、workshop
    • Operation Workflow upgrate
  • LX Talk
    • LX Talk ep02 Space: 0x1998 7.18 20:00
    • LX Talk ep02 podcast 7.23 post

DAO Tools WG

This week:

  1. Official website updates: support expert working group badge display, add back-end swagger api, improved join project, Design working group feature.
  2. Keep collaboration with DAOstar, and draft the proposal about partnership.
  3. Prepare for FairSharing project start up.

Next week:

  1. Develop official website working group feature.
  2. Publish LXDAO and DAOstar partnership proposal.
  3. Research competing products of Govrn.

Expert WG

This week:

  1. Do some EAS special research.
  2. Airdrop badge voted by our working group.
  3. Support Hackerhouse activity.
  4. Research for Public Goods Network.

Next week:

  1. Finished EAS special research.
  2. Follow up on operational and project requirements.

Governance Group

This Week:

  • Holding the tokenomics design meeting,We will make an proposal tokenomics design for the community.
  • LXP&Stablecoin Issued, check your wallet!
  • LXDAO Docs document V1.0
  • Public Goods Paper: Discuss with the PlanckerDAO and Uncommons communities, Launch of the forum proposal, discussion welcome

Next Week:

  • Organize the content of the tokenomics and we will present the first version of the design of the tokenomics to the community.
  • LXDAO Docs Content proofreading
  • Community questionnaire collation
  • Public Goods Paper research