LXDAO Community Call #56

Host: @Marcus

Date: 8th July 2023, Sat
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Time zone: Beijing Time (UTC+8)

Meeting Links: Join conversation


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this week

  1. Complete the modification of the proposal. The proposal will be divided into an operation proposal and a development proposal. This week, no voting was held because the proposal initiation period was missed.
  2. Fixed the problem that the login address was lost after refreshing, actually refactored the code, and optimized the overall layout and experience.
  3. Added 2C’s [donate link function] (Donate3 - Make donate in web3 so easy).
  4. Minor optimization:
    a. Fixed unit error.
    b. Complete the min-width setting of the iframe.
    c. [Unfinished] Create an introduction guide for a typical front-end project.
    d. Modified the foot, emphasizing the relationship between donate3 and LXDAO.
    e. Add the Donate3 button on the donate3 home page. After clicking the Domo button, it will jump to the Donate3 page.

    f. Adjusted the adaptation for small screens.
  5. Signed up for the Consensus hackathon.
  6. Twitter and jike account creation and publicity (completed on weekends).

next week

  1. Define the functional design of EAS.
  2. Investigate the realization of access to ZetaChain (because it may give bounty), PGN.
  3. Write a Donate3 announcement and publish it.
  4. Complete the project party access guide.


  1. 完成提案的修改,提案将会分成运营提案和开发提案进行,本周因为错过提案发起期所以没有进行投票。
  2. 修复了刷新后登录地址丢失问题,实际上重构了代码,优化了整体的布局和体验。
  3. 添加了2C的捐赠链接功能
  4. 小优化:
    a. 修正了单位错误。
    b. 完成iframe的min-width设置。
    c. [未完成]制作一个典型前端项目的引入指南。
    d. 修改了foot,强调了donate3和LXDAO的关系。
    e. 在donate3主页也添加上Donate3的按钮。点击Domo按钮后会跳转到给Donate3捐款的页面。

    f. 调整了小屏幕的适配。
  5. 报名了 Consensus 的黑客松。
  6. 推特、jike建号并宣发(周末完成)。


  1. 明确EAS的功能设计。
  2. 调查实现接入ZetaChain(因为可能给bounty),PGN。
  3. 写一篇Donate3的宣发文稿并发布。
  4. 完成项目方接入指南。


Financing Working Group

This Week:

  • Added new financing intentions 150K
  • Confirmed investment commitments total: $554K (36.9%)
  • Routine works, contact with VCs

Next Week:

  • Contact more VCs and investors
  • Follow up with VCs and monitor progress
  • Start asking confirmed investors to transfer funds into the treasury

EIPs Fun

This Week:

  • Promoted a bit for https://eips.fun/
  • Joined the Chiang Mai Ethereum Meetup and presented EIPs Fun
  • Connected with Ethererum Cat Herders Team
  • Routine works: Newsletters, meetings, etc.

Next Week:

  • Do social media operating
  • Compose a product introduction post
  • Follow up on todos
  • Keep discussing the EIPs Grants design
  • Integrate with Donate3 and release the new version


This Week:

Next Week:

  • Compose a project introduction post and start promoting
  • Improve the animation and interaction

Prepare: The illustrated Ethereum

This Week:

  • Did more research on Ethereum
  • Confirmed 3 topics of example, and finished 1 diagram

Next Week:

  • List outlines of the book
  • Finished a few example diagrams
  • Create Deck and Plans

DAO Tools

This week:

  1. Official website updates: add the deck link, add the bounty task link, and improved reward announcement.
  2. Keep collaboration with DAOstar.
  3. In-depth thinking and discussion on Fairsharing.

Next week:

  1. Develop working group feature on official website.
  2. Resolve assigned issues by DAOstar.
  3. Fix feedback problems on official website.

Technical Expert

This week:

  1. The new proposal takes effect and onboard a new member.
  2. Do some EAS special research.
  3. Technology assesses MAP Protocol.

Next week:

  1. Finished EAS special research and share.
  2. Follow up on operational and project requirements.

Operation Group

This week

  • Pow: LXPU Apply, PoW Record, trace 2023/5~6
  • Content:
    • DAO guide 70%
    • Governance content plan 5%
    • Public Goods content plan 5%
    • EIPs Fun’s content plan 5%
  • BD:
    • cooperation SOP confirm with governance group then post at forum 70%
    • cooperation list: MAP Protocol DAO intro, meeting and needs 30%
    • Web3BD.network product design & brainstorm
  • Activities:
    • HackerHouse: follow, pre-registration survey
    • ETH Shanghai: follow, cooperation chance
    • ETHGlobal product Analyse tea-party: Prepare second
    • Share: KJ
  • LX Talk :Space content to podcast

Next Week

  • Content:
    • DAO Guide 100%
    • Governance content plan 5%
    • Public Goods content plan 5%
    • EIPs Fun’s content plan 5%
    • MyFirstLayer2 intro article, Donate3 intro article
  • BD:
  • Workshop3
    • Design Bounty, cooperation with Expert Group.
    • Update NFT’s plan.
  • Activities:
    • Share 1: DarkForest Game 2023/7/8 14:00
    • Share 2: web3 Data steam 2023/7/12 20:00
    • Product Tea-Party 2023/7/12 20:00
    • G-eth distribute
    • HackerHouse:D
    • Hackathon: Consensys
    • (idea) Operation Work as experiment prepare, content co-with fairsharing
  • LX Talk
    • Adjust frequency of LX Talk
    • Post Podcast of Talking with Marcus

Governance Group

This Week:

  • Tokenomics Design:Application Scenario Research and Discussion
  • LXDAO Docs: Complete the general framework, the content is being organized
  • Paper of public goods research: Suspend the proposal and sort out the research
  • POW Record

Next Week:

  • Continuing to move forward with the token economy design, a progress and public version will be set
  • Community questionnaire responses are collated and reports are issued to each working group
  • Public Goods Research
  • Acount Group: LXP&USDT Issued