LXDAO Community Call #55

Host: @Marcus

Date: 1st July 2023, Sat
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Time zone: Beijing Time (UTC+8)

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this week

  1. Long-term recruitment of front-end and back-end contract development.
    @wwei (Fullstack, Intermedia) @tangminjie (contract, Intermedia) @Liubai (backend Junior) @Daisy (Design) @whisky (operation) intends to participate. But continue to welcome any friends who are willing to contact me.
    Apply for funds from the LXDAO treasury through a proposal.
    Salary settlement is based on PoW, rated hourly salary * working hours (weekly review within the project team)

  2. Start the backend project migration.
    Created folder: Phase 1 goal, completely migrate the functions of the current java version backend,

  3. Contact contract development to develop SBT functions.
    At present, it is found that EAS may be a better direction, and it is still under investigation.

  4. Develop a one-click export function for donation records.

  5. Establish a bug feedback channel: Links are attached to the bottom of the official website and the introduction page.

  6. donate3 pologon mainnet launched, official website launched.

next week

  1. Determine the content of the proposal, clarify the grading criteria for the participants, and enter the voting stage.
  2. Fix the problem that the login address is lost after refreshing.
  3. Minor optimization:
    a. Fix unit error
    b. Add a min-width to the iframe for demonstration
    c. Create an introduction guide for a typical front-end project
  4. Produce an EAS technical research report and complete this bounty


  1. 长期招募前端后端合约开发。
    @wwei (Fullstack, Intermedia) @tangminjie (contract, Intermedia) @Liubai (backend Junior) @Daisy (Design) @whisky (operation)有意向参与。但持续欢迎任何有意愿的朋友联系我。

  2. 启动后端项目迁移。

  3. 联系合约开发,开发SBT功能。

  4. 开发捐赠记录一键导出功能。

  5. 建立bug反馈渠道:官网底部,介绍页面都附上了链接。

  6. donate3 pologon主网上线,官网上线。


  1. 确定提案内容,明确参与者的定级标准,并进入投票阶段。
  2. 修复刷新后登录地址丢失问题。
  3. 小优化:
    a. 修正单位错误
    b. 给演示用的iframe加一个min-width
    c. 制作一个典型前端项目的引入指南
  4. 产出一份EAS的技术调研报告,完成这个bounty


Financing Working Group

This Week:

  • Confirmed investment commitments total: $404K (26.9%)
  • Routine works, contact with VCs

Next Week:

  • Contact more VCs and investors
  • Follow up with VCs and monitor progress
  • Start asking confirmed investors to transfer funds into the treasury

EIPs Fun

This Week:

  • Introduced https://eips.fun/ to more people for reviews
  • Worked on some bugfixes, add Google Analytics
  • Followed up on the progress of the grant application, ESP no response, GCC rejected
  • Presented EIPs Fun to PlanckerDAO and discussed the budget and resources in EIPs Fun from Plancker DAO
  • Confirmed the stage1 dev grants will be covered by Plancker DAO
  • Routine works: Newsletters, meetings, etc.

Next Week:

  • Start social media operating
  • Compose a product introduction post
  • Follow up on todos
  • Keep discussing the EIPs Grants design
  • Integrate with Donate3 and release the new version


This Week:

  • Improved UI design, frontend, and content
  • Invited more experts to review the project https://layer2.myfirst.io/
  • Provided feedback to ESP

Next Week:

  • Compose a project introduction post and start promoting
  • Improve the animation and interaction

Prepare: The illustrated Ethereum

This Week:

  • Did more research on Ethereum
  • Discussed diagram styles, working process, key features, etc

Next Week:

  • List outlines of the book
  • Finished a few example diagrams

Paper: Web3 Public Goods

This week:

  • Draft of the paper outline and issues to be discussed

Next week

  • Determine the direction of the paper, and start collecting materials and data

DAO Tools

This week:

  1. Resolved DAOstar issues and participated in the weekly call.
  2. Fairsharing design and development.
  3. Released recently developed features like stablecoin support, a new member list, and improved onboarding.

Next week:

  1. Resolve assigned issues by DAOstar.
  2. Integrated working group、bounty task、deck link on the official website.
  3. Promote the Fairsharing.

Technical Expert

This week:

  1. Redefining working group proposal was published.
  2. Do EAS of special research.

Next week:

  1. Finished EAS of special research.
  2. Follow up on operational and project requirements.
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This week

  • 1 Daily Operation: weekly report post on Wechat official and medium, community operation
  • 2 Content’s basic: content release plan and execute
  • 3 Content: DAO guide article (after governance’s doc)
  • 4 BD: BD deck Design
  • 5 Community operation improving’s update & execute
  • 6 LX Talk: first Talk prepare and host the first one
  • 7 WorkShop3’s first plan
  • 8 BD: Web3BD.network product design
  • 9 Activity:
    • HackerHouse: follow
    • ETH Shanghai: follow
    • ETHGlobal product Analyse tea-party: host first

Next Week

  • Pow
    • PoW record
  • Content:
    • Edit & Publish: DAO guide
    • Publish: MyFirstLayer2 intro article, Donate3 intro article
    • Governance content plan: - 代币如何使公共物品可持续, share content of pingfeng
    • Public Goods content plan
    • EIPs Fun’s content plan
  • BD:
    • cooperation SOP confirm with governance group then post at forum
    • cooperation list: MAP Protocol DAO intro, meeting and needs
    • cooperation info survey: juicebox https://docs.juicebox.money/
    • Web3BD.network product design & brainstorm
  • Activities:
    • HackerHouse: follow, pre-registration survey
    • ETH Shanghai: follow, cooperation chance
    • ETHGlobal product Analyse tea-party: Prepare second
    • LX Share: KJ
    • G-eth distribute
    • (idea) Operation Work as experiment prepare, content co-with fairsharing
  • Workshop3
    • First test with expert team
    • update NFT’s plan
  • LX Talk
    • Space content to podcast

Governance Group

This Week:

  • Tokenomics design discussion, Received a good response
  • Community Questionnaire Production
  • Governance Group POW statistics and registration

Next Week:

  • Notion partial migration to Docs documents
  • Community questionnaire distribution and collection
  • LXP Issued
  • Tokenomics continues to advance