LXDAO Community Call #52

Host: @Marcus

Date: 10th June 2023, Sat
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Time zone: Beijing Time (UTC+8)

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A common workflow for the project:

Idea → MVP and research → Demo show → Proposal → Article → Operation → Assemble team → Working → Demo show and internal testing → Promoting (external Demo show)

It may be necessary to get a specific cooperation reply before drafting a proposal.

The illustrated Ethereum positioning

Governance Group

This Week:

  • Held second strategy meeting,Suggestions for the direction of the next Season’s work
  • Issuing recommendations for optimizing the governance cycle
  • Filing of POW payroll records and issuance of LXP for May
  • Opened Governance Group DAO Research Program

Next Week:

  • White paper research and content advancement
  • Token Economy Design Third Discussion
  • SAFT document sorting


  • 举行了第二次战略会议,对下一季的工作方向提出了建议
  • 发布优化治理周期的建议
  • 5 月 POW 工资记录的归档和 LXP 的发放
  • 开启治理小组 DAO 研究计划


  • 白皮书研究和内容推进
  • 代币经济设计第三次讨论
  • SAFT 文件的整理

DAO Tools

This Week:

  • Improve new onboarding user experience and fix bug.
  • Promote DAOstar project cooperation from product and technology.

Next Week:

  • Alpha Test stablecoin apply and announcement.
  • Continue to follow up the DAOstar project cooperation.
  • Fairsharing project startup.

Technical Export

This Week:

  • Finished a project consult from OP Crypto.
  • Research social domain.
  • Held a discussion of the illustrated of Ethereum project.

Next Week:

  • BD with Discoverse Labs.
  • Assess illustrated of Ethereum project feasibility.


this week

  1. Declare Grant for Orange DAO and Lens Protocol Hackathon (completed, not suitable at this stage)
  2. Promote the modification and improvement of smart contracts (must be completed on weekends)
  3. Onboarding project team newcomers (in progress)
  4. Write a budget application for Donate3 operations (completed, still needs to be improved)

next week

  1. Improve and supplement the content of product improvement in the Donate3 proposal.
  2. Prepare a Donate3 introduction, plan the content, and make it easy for interested members to join the organization.
  3. Complete MyFirstLayer2, Donate3 integration of EIPS Fun in the independent branch.
  4. Identify product needs for Donate3 donation records.


  1. 新添了点击头像跳转对应用户对应链区块链浏览器上记录,小屏幕提示跳转
  2. 录制了 Demo 视屏
  3. 明确了下一步的重点运营,完善功能的计划,计划提案申请经费
  4. 报名了 2 个 DoraHacks 上的黑客松比赛


  1. 申报 Orange DAO 和 Lens Protocol 黑客松的 Grant(看看能不能参加 Gitcoin)
  2. 推动智能合约的修改完善
  3. Onboarding 项目组新人
  4. 写一个 Donate3 运营的预算申请

Financing Working Group

This Week:

  • Confirmed investment commitments total: $394K (26.26%)
  • Held a bi-weekly meeting for financing strategies and actions
  • Routine works, contact with VCs. Shared LXDAO’s first-anniversary post with VCs

Next Week:

  • Polishing Financing Deck and materials
  • Finish the SAFT agreement
  • Follow up with VCs and monitor progress

EIPs Fun

This Week:

Next Week:

  • Improve the design of EIPs Grants, will present a better version of the design
  • Start social media operating
  • Release on production
  • Compose a product introduction post


This Week:

  • PM transferred to Bruce to finish the project
  • Reviewed UI and polishing

Next Week:

  • Confirm the UI changes
  • Try to finish the new UI polishment
  • Discussion for the operation plans

This week

  • One-year anniversary execute
  • LX Workshop product design
  • Create a Teams meeting content to notion bot
  • Daily operation work: Weekly, PoW, Monthly PoW
  • Medium / Mail3 / Wechat official: Weekly#51

Next Week

  • Operation S5 Plan
  • BD workflow
  • Content framework
  • Onboarding & Member’s intro’s page
  • LX Share: DAO’s Law protect