Fully on-chain business simulation game

Note: the game idea has been updated according to the professional game designer’s advice. The new game will be more Web3 Native.

Hello everyone, I have an idea for a game, possibly inspired by @Echo, that involves constructing an entirely on-chain business simulation.

In short, there exists a token, and you take on the role of either the Market Maker or the Project Owner. With limited resources at your disposal, you have the power to dictate their allocation. This could entail investing in social media promotions, such as on Twitter, to draw more people into buying the token, or utilizing the resources to repurchase tokens and increase their value. The option to pull a “rug pull” is also available, essentially claiming all the money for yourself.

The ultimate objective is to maximize profits. You’re encouraged to employ any strategy you deem fit. We plan to introduce random events, possibly mirroring real-world occurrences, to influence token prices and introduce challenges.

The individual capable of amassing the most wealth may find themselves at the top of the leaderboard.

I believe that this game could educate traders and flippers by providing a fresh perspective on the market, and take care of the actions.

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I’m thinking about how the core gameplay of this game is designed, is it asymmetrical competitive design? Or do players follow a few established story lines to choose from
I think we can move forward with this like this

  1. design the core gameplay
  2. create a demo based on the core gameplay
  3. invite some users to participate in the test
  4. improve the demo and evaluate the post-production cycle
  5. start game development

Your experiences will be very different on these two paths.

PVP allows players to compete against each other, which can be fun and challenging. Like playing mahjong with simple rules, the excitement of winning or losing can lead to an enjoyable experience.

PVE allows players to complete tasks and level up their characters, which can be rewarding and enjoyable. Similar to playing Elden Ring, players may feel a sense of accomplishment when they finally manage to defeat a difficult boss

I think both PVP and PVE can be interesting, but I feel that PVP is more in line with the spirit of web3, as players can win or lose against each other in a truly global marketplace. PVE may be better suited to education, as we producers have more power to create and implement our ideas.

– Ideas inspired by my friend Jerry who might also join us to develop this game

BTW don’t really think it necessarily to be fully on-chain, it just needs to be fun with core assets on-chain

In my opinion, two things excite me are:

  • Onchain (maybe fully on-chain) smart contract game, extend the boundary of new Web3 technologies
  • Leverage new tech like zk, like Dark Forest

If the game is fun and educational, it will be super awesome! But I don’t think it is a good idea to build a Hyped P2E gamefi.

Example: https://twitter.com/transmissions11/status/1561100140160593920

We think I need to do a sorting out of the story line, what type and culture of game we are, what is our main character, what kind of story line the character should develop towards, these are the questions we should think about, we can’t just make this game into a simple Web3 simulation banker, this will have no story, the following is the reference I found


https://twitter.com/shoucccc/status/1655764969722621963 game logic :slight_smile: