Consensys hackthon brainstorming

Host: @Bruce_LXDAO
Time: 2023/07/6 21:00-22:00 (GMT+8)
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  1. NAVH introduction and topics
  2. Brainstorming the ideas
  3. Team formation


Consensys hackathon ideas and teams:

Allowlist Safe Team

PM: @Bruce_LXDAO

Description: We think Allowlist is more valuable than Blocklist. About 80% of users only use 20% of famous dapps and 80% of phishing websites are built upon 20% of famous dapps. We hope to use this Snap to provide a safer environment.

Keywords: Safe, Allowlist, Transaction check

Team: Looking for 1-2 full-stack developers

Donate3 Team

PM: @0xhardman

Description: Build the best way of donating for Web3 Public Goods and infrasture. Multi-chain, donation analytics, and donation receipt. At this hackathon, we will integrate with Linea and improve the UI/UX on MetaMask mobile.

Keywords: donation, multi-chains, donation receipt, mobile app

Team: Full

BD3 Team

PM: @sanzhi

Description: A public good for BD connections. With BD3, it will help developers, startups, and projects to get market BD resources to do a cold start.

Keywords: BD, application

Team: Looking for developers

Question: Seems unrelated to the hackathon topics?

Fairsharing Team

PM: @mikely.eth

Description: A MetaMask Snap for recording contributions to the community and project, then share based on it. Will deploy the contract on Linea and create a MetaMask snap.

Keywords: Redefine collaboration, Fair sharing, Snap, Smart Contract, Voting

Team: Looking for devs

AA Subscription Team

PM: @skyh24

Description: Use AA to build a subscription platform similar to Apple’s monthly subscription. You can pay with crypto automatically, just deploy the account and the subscription service will be fine.

Keywords: AA, Auto-pay, Subscription, Snaps

Team: Looking for devs

MetaMask Snap AI Audit Team

PM: @LidamaoHub

Description: A simple MetaMask Snap for AI auditing for the contract currently invoking.

Keywords: AI, Audit, Smart Contract, Snap

Team: Looking for 2 front-end developers

Hackathon LXDAO kickoff, brainstorming, and ideas sharing

6 WEB3 李大猫(热血BUIDL版):
Metamask Snap AI Audit(暂未命名)组
产品思路:一个极简的插件功能,用于在用户发起交易时自动或手动帮用户1.分析upgradeable contract的状态,2.ai智能审计合约,3.ai分析交互风险


Gathered 192 interested devs for this Hackathon from LXDAO.