Proposal: LXDAO and DAOstar partnership (draft)

Title: LXDAO and DAOstar partnership

Authors: Kahn

Date Created: 2023/07/12


This proposal is to gain approval for a partnership between LXDAO and DAOstar.

Some human resources from the DAO Tools working group will be devoted to relationship building.
There is no direct investment in encrypted assets, no more than the budget of the working group, no treasury expenditure, and may bring some treasury revenue.


In addition to serving the LXDAO community, the DAO Tools working group also focuses on increasing the influence of the community and obtaining friendly and cooperative relationships with partners.

DAOstar is a relatively orthodox organization in the DAO ecosystem, and has cooperative relationships with some well-known DAOs around the world.

If LXDAO needs to develop better in the DAO ecosystem, it is a great way to seek cooperation with DAOstar, but we need to be more proactive to get more possibilities.

What is DAOstar

DAOstar is a set of technical standards and tools for DAOs and DAO tooling. The organization behind DAOstar is Metagov.

At the same time, DAOstar organized DAOStar One, which is a roundtable of key organizations in the DAO ecosystem. Many famous DAOs more than 80 are inside.

Official website:

What’s in it for LXDAO

Obtaining the latest and most standard technical definitions in the DAO ecosystem, such as EIP-4824 and DAOIP, will help the DAO Tools working group to create new products faster.

Let LXDAO become more international. In the activities of participating in DAOstar, the work content is more international, such as communication, production and research, etc.

Gain potential communication opportunities with global DAOs, not just limited to Chinese-speaking regions.

Gain more influence in the DAO ecosystem.


The following is the work content of different levels of cooperation according to the advancement of related work.

Phase 1: At the beginning of the cooperation, the DAO Tools working group will invest some human resource in participating in the DAOstar weekly meeting and solving the DAOstar github issues. It will cost about 1 product manager and 1 developer, with a total of 4-10 hours per week.

Currently at this stage, our actions are recognized by DAOstar, and we have officially become a member of the DAOstar One. The LXDAO logo will be displayed on the DAOstar official website soon. We will continue to maintain the current work content, and at the same time, we will actively promote more in-depth cooperation.

Phase 2: After the two parties have established enough trust, LXDAO will invest more production and research resources to provide technical support for DAOstar, such as developing new features of the official website and solving technical problems, etc. when DAOstar needs it. This stage involves a lot of human resource input (more than 10 hours per week), and will receive community support in the form of proposals.

Phase 3: In the stable period, LXDAO officially becomes a technical support partner of DAOstar, and the DAO Tools working group will make the cooperation content routine.

Support Team

Phase 1: A product manager and a full-stack developer from DAO Tools working group.

Phase 2: Add 1-2 full-stack developers from LXDAO community on the base of phase 1.

Budgets and distribution

In phases 1 and 3, all expenses come from DAO Tools working group budget.

In phase 2, all expenses come from DAOstar’s bounty, which might need some LXP/U supplementation.

Revenue distribution

In phase 2, DAOstar has a 10k budget for bounty for R&D, which will entirely spend on the proposed project.

Key Result

  • Both official websites display each other’s logo.
  • A formal proposal to invest resources in the development of new features on the DAOstar official website.

In summary, we set some goals and hoped for better in our relationship with DAOstar.

This proposal is to establish an official partnership between LXDAO and DAOstar.

There should be a brief introduction to DAOStar and why we build partnerships. The actions should be put below.

Maybe we should have: Budget (from DAO Tools), Income, Support team, Key results, etc?

The reason for building partnerships is in the background section.

Budget and income are uncertain at this stage, just have scope time cost.

Scope time is budget, after all, it takes time from DAO Tools WG. So budgets are based on hours. It helps others estimate the costs.

For the income, you can share the information that DAOStar has a 10k budget for bounty for R&D.