Project: Donate3 Operation Fund Application(Draft)

This is a draft will come to discuss
Title: Project: Donate3 Operation Fund Application

Proposal Champion: 0xhardman

Date: 2023.06.14
Update: 2023.07.10

Forum Post: forum link



Donate3 is a simple and convenient multi-chain and multi-coin donation method that aggregates donor and recipient information. It is a high scalability public good and a donation standard protocol in Web3. Any organization, KOL, or website owner can set a threshold for the donation amount. Donate3 has completed the development of the MVP version and plans to improve some functions and obtain real user data in the next two months to apply for a grant/hackathon outside the organization. Funding is needed to keep the project running.



Donate3 is one of the early incubation projects of LXDAO. It is committed to providing the most simple and convenient multi-chain and multi-coin donation method while aggregating the information of donors and recipients. It is a public good with high scalability.

Donate3 is also a donation standard protocol in Web3. Any organization, KOL, website owner can set a threshold for the donation amount. So that donors or fans who meet the requirements will get an SBT certificate and get a reputation.

More Details…

Our Goal:

  1. The ultimate donation infrastructure in the web3 world.

  2. The easiest way to fundraising.

  3. Draw 1% handling fee to earn income. Expected 10k per month.


Donate3 has completed the development of the MVP version at this stage. It is planned to carry out operation and promotion in the next two months, improve some functions, obtain real user data, and apply for grant/hackathon outside the organization in order to realize the positive income of the project. So apply for funding here to keep the project running.

In this proposal we only focus on operation: Get real user and cooperate with other community/project/product.

The main direction:

  1. Do research: research the market, research our own products, research partners, and produce some report materials.

  2. Establish contact: Chat with various project parties to discuss and clarify the details of cooperation.

  3. External output: writing articles and organizing activities.

Review of Previous Work

The remaining 1078 LXP will be abandoned as the goals of the old proposal are nearing completion and the governance rules are updated.

Work Finished

  1. demo: Experience the donation process of donate3.
  2. Website: Used to create the Donate3 component to guide its use. [Code]
  3. SDK: The main body of Donate3, which can be directly installed in user’s project. [Code]
  4. Contract: Donate3 contract code.
  5. Backend: backend code, currently java, will migrate to nodejs in the future
  6. Design: design diagram, note that you can switch between MVP version and full version.

Team Setting

Work Assigner
PM+FE/Bug fix @0xhardman

Some community members will be recruited for operational work.


Total 2 Month
Product Doc

Budgets and Distribution

Time: For two month.

PoW: Project must record their contribution in this table

Salary pool
People Works Hour Rate(ULXP/hours) Working Hours(hours/month) Total(ULXP)
0xhardman PM+FE(BugFix ) 25 60 1500
Operation 25 40 1000
Bounty Pool
(Mainly for operations)
total 2500ULXP
eg: 20+ project cooperation, 500 donator, 1000 donations, 1k twitter followers, participate in meetings and give effective suggestions. If the hours worked in a fixed position exceed the base rate, they are paid out of the bounty.

Total Apply


Revenue Distribution

LXDAO community owns 15% of Donate3.
To motivate members, update the shares LXDAO owned from 30% to 15%.

Income (handling fee)

  • 15% for LXDAO treasury
  • 15% for early contributors
  • 70% for project treasury for maintainers and contributors


  • 95% for project treasury and contributors (create new proposals for fair sharing based on contribution)
  • 5% for Anyone who successfully applies for funding

Others (investments)

  • Will draft a new proposal for it

Key Result

  1. 20+ Project.

  2. 500 Donator for all project.

  3. 1k Donation for all project.

  4. 1k Followers in Twitter.

Soft vote

Would you approve this proposal? Welcome to leave your comments.
  • For
  • Against
  • Abstain

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Might be hard for this one.

Seems no need to list this part of the content. And I think the top priority of Donate3 is the impact and users. Later, we can charge royalties from the donation to sustain.

How to define a user? A donor or a project that integrates with Donate3?

And at what time duration? For a month or half year or a year?

Total donation through us or to us?

EIPs Fun

For how long?

Donation infrastructure.


There is no 1000K, 1M? Also, you might need to provide some data to convince others.

Also, please follow the proposal template LXDAO Proposal Templates

Sorry for my mistake ,now updated!

The unit of measurement of salary can be best in whole numbers


No need to have tech stack in this proposal


This part makes me confused.

You can categorize this as bounty, which will be more flexible. No need for details.

Integrate with 20+ projects.