Routine meetings for hackathon product review and brainstorming

Today, I had a discussion with @Sally regarding how to find good ideas to build. And hackathon product analysis is a good way to find new ideas.

Therefore, I propose setting a routine meeting or event in LXDAO to analyze new products weekly, like the top projects from the recent hackathon.

For example, one event per week, 1 hour at max, 10mins per project. The team should prepare and send the projects for the meeting to the attendees. At the meeting, we will check the project together by watching the demo video, experiencing the project, and giving reviews and marks. Also, we can preset some questions like: Do you think it’s a good idea? Etc.

After the meeting, we can convert the valuable meeting notes into posts or do further research on the track or projects.

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We can set an assessment framework, a list of questions, and we should also focus the “aha moment” of the idea/product. Then post it in community to see if others have the similar pain points. This is literally a divergence-convergence-consensus process.


Maybe we can let it be a funny share and brainstorm. So people can join easy and it is auto running project.