DAOStar collaboration discussion

This is a thread for the DAOStar collaboration discussion.

From yesterday’s meeting, we might be helping them to support their tech projects. And help to translate standards into projects and examples for other DAOs to follow.

We are still in discussion and research and will keep the community posted.

Thanks, @mikely.eth @kahn.yuan @Marcus, for joining the meeting.

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This is the official website:

The DAOStar collaboration discussion can be held on DAO Tools working group weekly call tonight.

In the next step, I will initiate the project proposal, led by the DAO Tools working group.

The latest collaboration news:

  1. Some github issues were assigned to us and resolved.
  2. New PR will be created, which display the LXDAO logo on DAOstar’s official website.
  3. Developing the Snapshot activityLogURI endpoint.
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It’s time to create a proposal for the collaboration.