LXDAO Community Call #62

Host: @wodeche

Date: 2023-8-19, Sat
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Time zone: Beijing Time (UTC+8)

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Financing Working Group

This Week:

  • Confirmed investment commitments total: $554K (36.9%)
  • Working on the BVI registration, which should be finished next week
  • Routine works: contact with VCs

Next Week:

  • Finish the BVI registration
  • Rountine works: contact with VCs and investors
  • Follow up with confirmed investors to transfer funds into the treasury


This Week:

  • Writing the introduction post
  • Routine works: Newsletters, meetings, etc.

Next Week:

  • Finish the product introduction post and start promoting
  • Routine works Operation, BD, todos, etc.



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Weekly improvements:




Safe{Wallet} – Transaction queue Safe Wallet issue

DAO Tools WG

This week:

  1. Official website updates: Prepare to release the working group feature.
  2. Attend a season strategy meeting and prepare for the next season.
  3. Resolved some DAOstar issues.

Next week:

  1. Follow-up DAOstar collaboration matters.

Expert WG

This week:

  1. Assist the Fully On-chain Game with recruiting some staff.
  2. Follow up on Projects status(Donate、FairSharing).
  3. Attend a season strategy meeting and prepare for the next season.

Next week:

  1. Tech supports the fully on-chain game.
  2. Onboarding some members.

Governance Group

This week:

  • After discussion, the merger with the DAO Tools group is expected in the next season
  • Due to a problem with the safe wallet, the rewards have not been paid out yet, they will be fixed and paid out next week!
  • Opening of the second round of strategy meetings, which established the terms of reference and approximate budget for the various working groups

Next week:

  • Preparing to migrate part of the treasury to optimism and payroll
  • Follow up on white papers and writing of LXDAO docs.
  • Open the PM campaign process for each workgroup

FairSharing update:

  1. UX/UI design: 80% finished
  2. BE/FE: developing, estimated 2 weeks to finish the main flow
  3. Contract MVP completed; verify more detailed use cases (next week)


This week

  1. Superhack submission failed, IRL, NAVH hackathon submission succeeded
  2. complete metamask sdk access
  3. realized crowdfunding progress bar function
  4. added a simple donation history page.
  5. updated the sdk documentation
  6. registered for the GR18 web social and GCC tracks.
  7. switched backend to prisma.
  8. optimized the loading animation

Next week

  1. fine-tuned the interface of donation page and donation history. 2.
  2. donatetoken and danateerc20 interfaces are merged. 3.
  3. operation release, launch a new publicity campaign, prepare the text to invite people to participate in donate3
  4. make the access guide for different front-end frameworks of donate3, and check the bugs and ask the expert team for advice on how to modify it.


  1. Superhack提交失败,IRL, NAVH黑客松提交成功
  2. 完成metamask sdk接入
  3. 实现众筹进度条功能
  4. 添加了一个简单的捐赠历史页面
  5. 更新了sdk文档
  6. 报名了GR18的web social和GCC赛道
  7. 后端切换为prisma
  8. 优化了Loading动画


  1. 细化调整捐赠页面和捐赠历史的界面
  2. donatetoken和danateerc20接口合并
  3. 运营发稿,开展新一次宣发活动,准备文稿邀请大家参与捐赠donate3
  4. 制作donate3的不同前端框架的接入指南顺便走查bug,向专家小组请教如何修改

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