Project Proposal: LXDaily——By GPT-4


The purpose of this proposal is to establish a new initiative within the LXDAO community to boost its activity and influence. The project, named “LXDaily”, aims to enhance community engagement and widen our reach within the broader blockchain and crypto industry.

Project Description

The LXDaily project will entail the creation of a dedicated team responsible for publishing a daily NFT, named LXDaily NFT. The content of this NFT will primarily comprise perspectives, research, and the latest developments in the industry, curated by LXDAO community members. This initiative will not only promote our members’ insights and findings but also keep the broader community informed and updated about the latest trends and happenings in the crypto world.


The LXDaily NFT will be issued daily, providing a consistent source of engagement for the community. The issuance of these NFTs will follow a two-fold approach:

  1. Whitelist: Certain members of the community will be whitelisted to receive the NFTs. The criteria for this whitelist will be established by the LXDAO community, potentially based on their contributions and activity within the community.
  2. Subscription: Additionally, individuals will have the opportunity to subscribe to receive the LXDaily NFTs. The subscription model will provide a sustainable source of funding for the project and also open up the initiative to a broader audience.

Benefits for LXDaily NFT Holders

Holding an LXDaily NFT will not just offer informational value, but will also come with additional benefits:

  1. Airdrop Opportunities: Holders of LXDaily NFTs will be eligible for airdrop opportunities. This will provide further incentives for community members to participate in the LXDaily initiative.
  2. Secondary market: LXDaily NFTs can be freely traded in the NFT marketplace, providing an opportunity for secondary market trading. This adds a potential economic incentive to holding and acquiring LXDaily NFTs.


By implementing the LXDaily project, LXDAO will not only foster a more active and engaged community but also establish a stronger presence in the blockchain and crypto industry. This initiative will provide daily value to the community, promote the insights of our members, and offer potential economic benefits to LXDaily NFT holders. We look forward to your support for this project.

Sounds like a good idea
But I have some questions, this NFT we have sounds like it’s recording the key comments within the community each day
I think we could have some additional ideas, add a LX Daily podcast where we can report on what’s going on in LXDAO every day, and also add a mechanism for evaluating external projects, such as the Daily Conscience Review, and then we can mint the NFT of a daily podcast, which I think might work better and be suitable for seeing good results!

Like this: Mint 🌱

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Very good, this makes the proposal more complete.