Proposal: Proposing a Partnership Between LXDAO and Uncommons

Proposal: Proposing a Partnership Between LXDAO and Uncommons

Title: Proposing a Partnership Between LXDAO and Uncommons

Authors: Ray

Date Created: 2023/08/14


This proposal is to gain approval for a partnership between LXDAO and Uncommons.


Public goods are an important part of Web3, but the current ecosystem of Web3 public goods is not perfect. Many excellent public goods due to lack of funds and project management issues, making it difficult for them to sustainable development. For these problems, we need more systematic solutions.

What is Uncommons

Uncommons is a volunteer community dedicated to building public goods in the field of Web3. It was formerly known as GreenPill Chinese Community. Uncommons has deep research in areas such as public goods and crypto culture.

Twitter: @Un__commons

Wechat Official Accounts: Uncommons

Why build the partnership

Public goods involve knowledge from many fields, including economics, sociology, game theory, etc. We have insufficient research in these areas, while Uncommons community can provide great support for us.

On the contrary, Uncommons community lacks technical development capabilities, so we should give support here. By combining the strengths of both communities, we can jointly advance research on public goods.

How can we collaborate?

The Uncommons community will provide more theoretical support for the public goods research of LXDAO, working together to popularize the concept of public goods and enhance the influence of the bright brotherhood community.

At the same time, LXDAO will also provide technical tasks for the technology task of uncommons communities, which will be settled in the form of bounty tasks.

Support plans

Support will be case by case.

Revenue distribution

Currently, there is no expected revenue from Uncommons. There might be some bounty from Uncommons for specific tasks. For LXDAO members, they will be transferred to the LXDAO treasury and then distributed by the LXDAO reward distribution system.

Key Results

  • Buidl the connection between Uncommons and LXDAO
  • Co-host or co-initiate research on public goods
  • Establishing deep cooperative relationships on specific projects.