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Hi I’m Suuu. I’m a Web3 newcomer and full-time job in traditional finance. I’m happy to meet you here!

Hi all. I’m Jomosis from SeeDAO. I used to be a intern in Mask Network when Mask were initiated. Then I contributed to SeeDAO and became a SGN holder. I was a governance team member of translation guild and BD of SeeDAO in S3. Now I’m an independent reseacher focusing on layer1, layer2 and defi projects. I also had 3 yoe in American insurance, so I will write articles more from a techinical perspective.

Hello, I’m sweetboom, a back-end engineer with ten years of development experience, nice to meet you all! lx dao is a well-known dao in web3. I like its concept and conscience. I hope to find like-minded friends here and do things together. Thank you!

Hello everyone.I’m studying web3 technology stack.

Hi everyone, I am Linus. I’m a Web3 newcomer and a developer(FE&solidty). Looking forward to join some interesting projects in LXDAO!!

Hi, i am Will, cooking the reset research.

I have five years of experience in cryptocurrency research and project management, with a deep understanding of the Layer ecosystem and DeFi. I hope to explore valuable directions together and participate in interesting projects.

lets buidl !

Hi guys, I’m Howe, a university student majoring in Blockchain Technology, now working as BD with a project party. Like coding and learning new knowledge, Web3 enthusiast. You can see more in my blog: https://blog.0xhowe.top/. Looking forward to having a good time in LXDAO.

Hi guys, I am Chenghao. I am approaching to the end of my PhD program in Databases and now a new explorer in the Web3 world. Looking forward to meet friends in the new community and do some interesting projects together.

Hello everyone, I am a Back-end engineer and web3 enthusiast. I like to toss all kinds of interesting ideas everyday. The LXDAO route is very attractive. I look forward to participating in interesting projects and happy with the community.

Hi everyone,I’m zishi ,a front-end developer,now to web3,Looking forward to growing together with dao

Looking forward to coming to the regular meeting on Saturday at 10am UTC+8 to introduce myself!

Looking forward to coming to the regular meeting on Saturday at 10am UTC+8 to introduce myself!

Hello everyone.
I am Skye Nolan. I am a full-stack software engineer. I am familiar with Java/Go/Python/React/C/. I am currently very interested in Web 3. I am a newbie and hope to make progress together with everyone.

大家好,我是面包Bread,web3 buidler,接触LXDAO已经很长一段时间啦,平时主要带web3项目、运营、做DAO相关的事务,偶尔会自己瞎研究一些web3的相关知识。终于是腾了个时间郑重填写了LXDAO的成员注册,希望未来跟大家一起进步,做一些有趣有意义的事情!!!

Hello, I’m Biukang, I’m a Web3 newcomer and a developer(Go/C++/Linux…) . Looking forward to join some interesting projects in LXDAO!


Hello everyone, I’m Jerry, a Web3 newbie on an exciting new journey. Previously, I worked in the cultural industry, collaborating with universities and cultural institutions to promote and preserve traditional culture. I used to be an event organizer and coordinator, with a limited technical background beyond Visual Basic. Currently, I am still on my way of learning Solidity, Python and fundamental Web3 knowledge.

Recently, I embarked on exploring my career in Web3 due to my new job. What excites me the most is the opportunity to maintain a sense of freshness, curiosity, and joy while working alongside talented individuals in this ever-evolving field.

I must express my sincere admiration for LXDAO’s community culture. I am eagerly looking forward to contributing to the operation and meaningful projects at LXDAO, as I believe in the power of collective collaboration and innovation.

Can’t wait to see you guys and hear your inspiring stories on Saturday!

Hello everyone, I’m Fred! I’m now work in Ryze Labs and contribute in Lingua3 DAO
Ryze Labs is a Venture Capital, and our portfolio includes Polygon, Sui, Solana and LayerZero :blush:

Lingua3 DAO is a community dedicated to promoting communication and mutual development among non-native English speakers in the Web3 sphere.

Hi everyone, i’m lily, i have 3 years web3 operation experience. I wanna find something good on LX DAO and also could contribute my knowledge.

Hi everyone, i’m Davy, a PM, have been working in web3 for 3 years and participated in some computing network, a social product and a contribution platform projects. Looking forward participate in some interesting and valuable projects in LXDAO