LXDAO Season 6 Meeting#01

Host:* @marcus
Date: 4th Nov 2023, Sat
Time: 16:00 - 17:00
Time zone: Beijing Time (UTC+8)

Meeting Links: (Join conversation )


  • Season 6 Summary
  • Member Communication
  • Random talk


  • Season 6 Meeting#2
  • Election of Working Group Leaders
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Before the session begins, community members will be invited to answer questions based on your experience with LXDAO, so if you’re interested in participating in a summary of the questions, please reply to this thread!

在会议开始之前,将会邀请社区成员根据你在 LXDAO 的体验回答问题,如果你有兴趣参与问题总结,请在此帖子回复

有兴趣参与lxdao ss6的讨论,希望能对lxdao的治理效果和效率做出贡献