Discussion on the re-election of the Working Group Leader

LXDAO is a decentralized organization, and higher levels of decentralization are our goal. However, the current re-election of LXDAO’s Working Group Leaders may increase the centralization of LXDAO.

Working groups are an important part of maintaining the daily operation of DAO, and they directly participate in important decisions for the DAO, including product and fund decisions. The re-election of Working Group Leaders may lower the quality of decision-making and bring about the following issues:

  1. Higher levels of centralization: This may lead to a concentration of power, limiting the participation and influence of other members and reducing the decentralization of the DAO.
  2. Lack of diversity: Long-term re-election may cause a lack of diversity in the leadership of the DAO, preventing different viewpoints and experiences from being exchanged and colliding, which affects the quality of decision-making and innovation.
  3. Governance risks: This may increase governance risks. As leader’s decisions may be influenced by personal biases and interests, it could potentially harm the overall interests of the DAO.

Currently, multiple Working Group Leaders in LXDAO have already served two consecutive terms, so I believe that starting from the next season, they cannot continue to be re-elected. Subsequent re-elections of Working Group Leaders cannot exceed two terms. This does not apply to project teams.

LXDAO 是一个去中心化的组织,更高程度的去中心化也是我们追求的目标。但当前 LXDAO 中工作组 Leader 的连任可能会使得 LXDAO 中心化程度变高。

工作组是维护 DAO 日常运转的重要部分,会直接参与 DAO 的重要决策,包括产品和资金的决策。工作组 Leader 的连任可能会使决策的质量变低,同时也会带来以下的问题:

  1. 中心化程度更高:可能会导致权力集中,使得其他成员的参与感和影响力受到限制,降低了 DAO 的去中心化程度。
  2. 缺乏多样性:长期连任可能导致DAO的领导层缺乏多样性,缺乏不同观点和经验的交流与碰撞,从而影响DAO的决策质量和创新力。
  3. 治理风险:可能会导致治理风险的增加。因为 leader 的决策可能会受到个人偏见和利益的影响,从而损害DAO的整体利益。

当前 LXDAO 有多个工作组 Leader 已经连任了两届,所以我认为从下个 Season 开始,不能继续连任。后续工作组的 Leader 的连任都不能超过两届。 对于项目组来说,不受这个限制。


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Supporting this idea, in fact, not only DAO, but also in real elections, not more than 2 consecutive terms of office is one of the important systems, such as

Re-election for no more than two consecutive terms allows for the election of new Leaders in each Working Group, which also brings a certain level of activation and promotes new members to contribute and join LXDAO.

However, for the sake of the stability of the working group, I think we can set up a mechanism to encourage the Leader to train the next Leader.

Indeed, this is essential for a DAO. It’s not a reflection on the current leader’s performance, but rather a governance strategy to ensure the DAO remains decentralized and vibrant.

Moreover, it’s crucial to deliberate on the process of transferring responsibilities to the subsequent leader, ensuring a seamless transition between terms. For example, maybe we should do something like the leader should select the candidate and work together for the next Season proposal.