ZK-based Anonymous Vote System

Verify you are an LXDAO buidler, based on zk, but no one knows who you are when voting. This is an essential requirement for DAO Governance.

I think we can buidl this tool for LXDAO Vote first, then think about how to make a product.


For example, your friend made a proposal, and due to friendship or something else, you might prefer to support them even though you do not agree with them. Anonymous voting is good for you to present your true idea.

But, of course, conspiracy might be easier to happen and hard to trace in this case.

Good idea!
And I think it’s urgent for our DAO,
because I ALREADY made some unwilling vote…

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Sounds interesting and useful, like a ballot but not a vote. And thru zk tech we may also show the “tag” like “builder” “DAO expert” to add weight of his/her ballot.

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zk-playground/4-voting at main · alexroan/zk-playground · GitHub

https://zupoll.org/ found a new tool