Season 6th Working Group PM Campaign

This topic will open the campaign process for each working group
Accoring the LIP13: Season Definition and Organizational Structure
We’re about to launch Season 6 of LXDAO

Season 6: 09/01 ~ 11/30

Prior to the start of Season 6, we conducted 2 strategy sessions to define the direction and plan for Season 6

Links to Season 5 Meeting Discussions:


The second strategy meeting was attended by more than 15 people, including PMs from each project, and summarized the key points of the first strategy meeting, as well as organizing and discussing the content of the next tasks and the scope of work of the working groups.

The meeting identified 5 working groups: Governance Working Group, Operations Working Group, Expert Working Group, SteayForce Working Group, and Financing Working Group.

Governance WG

The Governance Working Group is the coordinator of the LXDAO, responsible for decentralization and resource allocation, and for handling all governance issues and public affairs within the DAO, with an internal focus.

Operation WG

The Operations Working Group is LXDAO’s activator, responsible for helping the community manage and organize events, and for ensuring that all community activities are carried out in an orderly manner.

Expert WG

Expert Working Groups are the leaders of LXDAO and are responsible for achieving focus and professionalism by conducting research, providing insights, educating members, and fostering collaboration.

SteadyForce WG

SteadyForce is the stabilizer of LXDAO and is responsible for providing all stable resource support.

Financing WG

The Financing Group is responsible for reaching out to investors, finding money to fund the community, and providing financial support.

How do I apply for project manager of the working group?

To apply for a PM, you need to follow the format below. Applications will be accepted until Friday night at 23:59, at which time each PM who has applied will give a presentation at a community meeting, after which a soft proposal will be written and voted on to determine who will be the PM.

Project manager Application period

Closed on 08.25 at 23:59 UTC+8

Who is eligible to apply project manager?

Any member with a buidler card can apply to be a project manager. If you don’t hold a buidler card, then you can apply for a fixed position on a working group

Application Form

To apply for a project manger, please fill out the form below so that the community is more aware of your

Basic Information

  • Name
  • Member Profile
  • Forum ID
  • Campaign


  • Experience
  • Skill
  • Value&Conduct
  • How you can do the job
  • How you can help others grow

If you are interested in becoming a project manager for a working group, you can reply in this thread

Should add description about how to apply a permanent position.

Any member of the community can apply for a permanent position, and the selection of permanent positions is determined by the project manager after the campaign is completed.

The term ‘permanent position’ typically denotes a role with an indefinite contract duration. Thus, I’d recommend referring to it as a ‘committed position’.

Basic Information


Position Applied For:

I want to apply for the Lead of Financing Working Group in Season 6.

Relevant Experience in S5:

I’m Bruce, co-initiator of LXDAO. I am very familiar with the community. I participated in the community activities from the beginning and focused on the most tricky challenges the community faces.

I have participated in Season 5 as the Lead of the Financing Working Group and the results of my work included the following:

  • Built a small working group for fundraising for LXDAO, including FA, Legal consultant, etc.
  • Secured over 500K in investment intentions, and more is on the way

Future Goals for the Working Group in S6:

We have finished around 1/3 of the seed round investment goals. In S6, I would like to do:

  • Actively contact VC and investors with a committed investment assistant
  • Try to get another 500K investment and finish about 2/3 of the goal for the community

Thank you.

I will be filing to run for the Governance Group season 6 PM

Basic Information


I have participated in and chaired Season 4 and Season 5 of the Governance Group, and the results of my work include the following:

  • Organizational Governance Group Design LXDAO tokenomics V1.0
  • Coordinated governance and communication with new members in Season 5 and submitted buidler card proposals for three new members who met the requirements
  • Participation in the development of the white paper: primarily responsible for the writing of the governance structure section
  • Governance coordination to help other working groups to operate transparently, Badge to members completing presentations
  • Accounting: counting the POWs of the various working groups and issuing LXP

I entered the cryptocurrency scene in 2017 and am well-versed in the governance models of various mainstream DAOs

  • Understand DAO collaboration concepts, participate in the construction of one or more DAOs, and conduct research on DAO governance, eg: BanklessDAO, Optimism, curve, LilNouns
  • Strong communication skills and subjective initiative
  • Specialized in governance coordination
  • Good at designing governance models
  • Familiarity with Crypto native analytics tools for research and on-chain data analysis to support strategic governance decisions
  • Effective Altruist Believer

Values: long-termism

  • Active: I participate in all aspects of the governance process, from creating and presenting proposals to providing feedback and actively voting in the forums.
  • Justice: I will handle any governance crisis with fairness and objectivity to balance the relationship between the two parties
  • Trust: act fairly and transparently, driven by strict ethics and values.
  • Decentralization: Adherence to decentralized governance


  • Use values to guide actions.
  • Maintain fairness and transparency in participation
  • Rely on data, research, and prior expertise for proposals and votes
  • Consult with the member for quality results

How you can do the job
I will prove that I am qualified for the job in three ways

  • Research: I will produce a monthly governance study for the community, and provide a sound basis for governance decisions
  • Coordinated: I’ve been in the gaming industry for many years and currently work as an AI project manager, I’m good at dealing with issues from an objective point of view, and within DAO, I’ll be flexible enough to respond to various governance crises and deal with any governance issues in DAO
  • Data-sensitive persons: Good at analyzing all kinds of data and sensitive to data, I will help DAO with some governance as well as financial issues

I will align the governance team with the strategic plan, deepen the governance study, continue governance coordination as well as accounting, and utilize data analytics to guide governance decisions

How you can help others grow
I enjoy interacting with people and taking on the role of a listener to others

  • I will organize internal research activities to help individual members understand governance
  • I will address and respond to governance issues
  • Help individual members understand LXDAO and become core contributors to LXDAO

Basic Information


Position Applied For:

I want to apply for the Lead of Expert Working Group in Season 6.

Relevant Experience in S5:

I’m kahn, and I’m a long-term contributor to the LXDAO community. Here’s some of my work:

  • Lead the DAO Tools working group, support the community to operate more efficiently, and also produce new projects (Fairsharing). Established a friendly cooperative relationship with DAOstar.
  • Lead Expert Working Group to support community projects, operational activities, BD, etc.; Do some special research. More members are recruited.
  • Developed for the EIPs Fun project; Developing for the Fairsharing project.

Future Goals for the Working Group in S6:

With the change in the strategic focus of the new season in the community, we need to do more challenging work. After the experience of last season leading the Expert Working Group, combined with personal thinking and discussions within the team, I think we need to be more professional and focused, enhance community influence, and do more research work to start up new projects. I would like to do:

  • Invest more resources to build the team and make up for some shortcomings in professional fields. Build influence in and out of the community.
  • Make a series of plans and actions, explore domains with potential for future development, and put limited resources into them.
  • Supporting community activities is also the basic work that needs to be done, such as support projects, operating activities, BD, etc.
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Basic Information


I want to apply for the Lead of Operation Working Group in Season 6.

How you can do the job

I am Sanzhi, and I’m a long-term contributor to the LXDAO community. Here’s some of my work:

  • Establish an operations team
    • Design the operational mechanism for the operations team
    • Create SOP documents for the operations team
    • Recruit members for the operations team
  • Establish LX Talk, LX workshop, LX content team, Hackerhouse, translation group, activities calendar, BD team and support system, Media channel, LXDAO anniversary

How you can help others grow

  • Find suitable place for suitable person
  • Care their enthusiasm
  • Support them by operation work
  • Be nice, kind, and easy communicate

After over a week of list collection and community notification, we now have Bruce, Marcus, Kahn, and Sanzhi on the list.
Since there is only one PM applicant per WG and no more than one person will run, the person who applies for the PM will automatically become the WG PM and start writing the proposal, and each WG will submit a snapshot proposal by next Wednesday.

Governance WG: @Marcus
Operations WG: @sanzhi
Expert WG: @kahn.yuan
Stabilizing Forces WG: @Bruce_LXDAO

Under the proposal, the Financing WG will continue to have Bruce as PM
Financing Working Group: @Bruce_LXDAO