Proposal: Governance Working Group Season 6 Plan (Draft)


The Governance Group is the coordinator of LXDAO, positioned to enable decentralization and resource allocation, as well as to handle all public affairs within the DAO, with a focus on internal

This proposal is to define the direction of the work of the Governance Group Season 6, as well as the budget allocation and staffing.

Organizational changes

According to the strategy meeting, the Governance Group and DAO Tools Group will merge, and the Governance Group will take on some of the work of the DAO Tools Group, including technical development of the Governance Module, technology & O&M (website maintenance).


Summary Season 5

What did we contribute in the last season?

  • Worked on the token design and produced the first version of the tokenomics design: Tokenomic Design V1.0
  • Wrote the whitepaper, the first version of the whitepaper was written and the framework was optimized, and it is still in the process of being updated LXDAO Whitepaper (V1.0)
  • Public Goods Sustainability Essay Research: Project: A Peper about Sustaining Web3 Public Goods: Analysis and Solutions for Funding
  • Governance coordination: Buidler card proposal applications for members who meet contribution value requirements, governance questionnaires, coordination of various working groups
  • Basic research work: research on tokenomic, the governance structure of various DAOs (op,aragon, etc.)

Accounting Group

  • In Q5, we kept the budget around 70% of the budget, counted the funding needs of each working group and project team, and made budget planning.
  • Statistics: Check the status of LXP and Stablecoin applications from each working group, and whether they are applied according to the proposal.
  • Check the status of LXP and stablecoin application of each working group, whether to apply for LXP and stablecoin according to the content of the proposal.

What needs to be done

  • Optimize Compensation Structure: In DAO, the compensation standards for different standard roles (e.g., governance coordinators, operations staff, developers, etc.) are not uniform. According to Various types of Web3 role salary research the salary scales developed cannot be fully applied to the DAO salary system.
  • Lack of a dedicated grant-making organization: There is no dedicated grant-making organization for members to organize their own activities and there is a lack of professional evaluation.
  • Community voting does not reflect critical evaluation: We basically voted in favor of the proposal without taking the time to evaluate the full scope of the proposal, and the rate of member participation in governance has not increased much; design a voting mechanism that incentivizes Builder.
  • Streamline administrative costs and automate processes
  • Too little research, lack of periodic inputs
  • Too little token design narratology, too much thinking about mechanisms to keep token prices from crashing, too little thinking about doctrine, influence, narrative, and top-level design of tokens (public goods)

Season 6 Workplan

  • Daily Governance: Coordination of Working Group Governance, Governance Requests for Proposals, Internal Governance Coordination
  • Daily Accounting: LXP and Stabilized Coin review, count, and distribute.
  • Improve Governance Participation and Careful Proposal Review Rates: We will create a proposal governance metric that will be updated weekly and capture current proposal turnout, as well as popularize Buidler Card governance rights for new members
  • Increase budget for activity-based requests/small project budget requests: Starting with the Governance Team, we will set up a portion of the Bounty to be used for members’ autonomous activity requests, and coordinate and review the status of autonomous activity requests.
  • Regularly observe the operation of each group and project: Collect timely feedback and coordinate the progress of each working group.
  • Design the complete Token pool incentive rules: According to Tokenomic Design V1.0, we have 20% for rewarding early contributors, and we should design it according to the principle of ‘the more you contribute, the more you get rewarded’. The more you contribute, the more you will be rewarded.
  • Public Goods Theory Research: Deepen the theoretical research on public goods to help improve LXDAO’s narrative; popularize the knowledge of public goods through a series of articles and activities; and output at least one professional report to enhance LXDAO’s industry influence.
  • Governance Module Technology Development & Maintenance: Follow up and research on the on-chain voting solution, produce a complete solution at the end of the quarter and release it to the community.
  • Technology & Operation & Maintenance: Development and maintenance of official website (front-end, back-end, smart contract), server management, management of social media bots, management of meeting, maintenance of various tools, etc.


  • Research Multi-Signature Wallet: Treasury Migration to L2
  • Research and Governance Support: Research and on-chain data analysis using Crypto’s native analytics tools to support strategic governance decision making, and one governance research report a month
  • Public goods ecological research support: According to our strategic decision, we will focus on researching public chains that support public goods, we will focus on researching Optimism and PGN, and we will strive to apply for Optimism citizen representative.

Financial Allocation

In the last quarter, we have found the following problems with our finances.

  • The bounty system in the last quarter was based on hours worked, and different people should be paid differently according to their specialties, skills, and experience.
  • Failure to give full play to members’ autonomy and self-governance: last quarter’s bounty was mainly set by PM according to the work plan, which failed to take into account members’ motivation to apply for bounty according to the working group’s plan.

The current budget is adjusted as follows

Apply 4300 LXPU/Monthly for 3 months, total budget is 12900 LXPU, U : LXP = 6 : 4

The monthly distribution is as follows

Set up 2 fixed members, the budget for fixed members is 1800 LXP + 1500 LXP + 1000 Bounty.

Fixed members need to have fixed working hours per week, among them, PM needs to work more than 80h per month, and other fixed positions need to work more than 60h per month.

Name Worktime Amount Budget
PM 80/Monthly 1 1800 LXPU
Research 60h/Monthly 1 1500 LXPU
Bounty task - - 1000 LXPU

Bounty is capped at 1000 LXPU per month and will be divided into 2 main parts

One part will be set up and paid by the PM according to the working group’s work schedule, which includes: meeting participation incentives, accounting teamwork, management meeting, governance module technology development, technology & O&M, and redundant work content for fixed positions.

A part of the job will be applied by the community members and agreed by the group after a vote, and then assigned by the applicants after the internal vote of the governance team.

The category that can be applied for is research, the scope of research includes: governance research, incentive system, organizational structure, etc.

Key Results

  • Governance rate increased from 20% to 40%
  • Design complete Token pool reward rules: design according to the choice of more contributions, more access to the pool
  • Public Goods Study produced:
    • Support LXDAO’s activities and publicity on public goods at any time.
    • Finding LXDAO’s niche in the public goods ecosystem (as reflected in the whitepaper).
    • At least one professional research paper (currently tentatively oriented towards financing)
  • Autonomous budget proposal: initiate 1~3 autonomous research groups
  • Public Goods Ecosystem Binding: Research Optimism or PGN, produce a research paper or participate in the optimism ecosystem, and have an LXDAO project participate in the Optimism ecosystem in this season.
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