Project: A Peper about Sustaining Web3 Public Goods: Analysis and Solutions for Funding

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Title: Project: A Paper about Sustaining Web3 Public Goods: Analysis and Solutions for Funding

Proposal Champion: Ray

Date: 2023.07.15

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Web3 is composed of public goods, but the current sustainability of public goods development faces many difficulties. Especially in funding, whether funding goes smoothly or not directly affects whether public goods can continue. After researching various funding solutions for public goods, we have summarized and proposed a series of feasible funding solutions to achieve the sustainability of public goods.

LXDAO is a DAO dedicated to supporting Public Goods sustainably. The idea for this paper emerged from the daily practice of LXDAO, and it is expected that a complete methodology can be extracted from this paper. This methodology will also be used to guide the development of LXDAO in the future.



Public goods are non-excludable and non-rivalrous resources that benefit society as a whole, with examples such as street, clean air, and streetlights. In the context of Web3, public goods encompass open-source software, protocols, and infrastructure that enable the decentralized web to thrive. Ensuring the sustainability of these public goods is essential for fostering innovation, collaboration, and equitable access to information and resources.

This paper aims to analyze existing solutions for sustaining Web3 public goods, examining their strengths and weaknesses in addressing challenges such as funding, governance, and incentives. Through this analysis, we will identify gaps and opportunities for improvement, paving the way for the development of novel solutions tailored to the unique requirements of the Web3 ecosystem.

We will delve into the importance of public goods in Web3, highlighting their role in promoting decentralization, fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders, and driving the adoption of decentralized technologies. Furthermore, we will propose a comprehensive solution that addresses the identified shortcomings and builds upon the strengths of existing approaches.

By exploring the current landscape of Web3 public goods and presenting a well-rounded solution, this paper aims to contribute to the ongoing discourse on sustaining the growth and innovation of the decentralized web for the benefit of all participants.


Idea discussion:

Discuss with the PlanckerDAO and Uncommons communities and industry experts (such as Vitalik) to determine the direction of the paper. The discussion will continue during the initial draft period and will last for 1 month.

Research and writing:

Complete the initial draft by researching existing funding solutions, which is expected to take 1 month.

Paper promotion and optimization:

After the initial draft is completed, it will be promoted in the community and continuously optimized based on feedback from community members and experts. This process will last for 1 month until the final draft is completed.

Team Setting

  • 1 PM: Manage the research progress, research, and report to the community
  • 1 Committed Researchers: Good at research and Public Goods Analysis, committed time to the research
  • Unlimited flexible Researchers: Bounty tasks, advisers, etc

Technology Stack

In this project, there is no need to use the software development technology stack, but there are some requirements for researchers.

  • Understanding of open-source culture: Researchers should have a certain understanding of open-source culture, understanding the principles and values of open-source collaboration. They should be familiar with the development model of open-source software and the characteristics of community collaboration.
  • Background in public goods research: Have some experience or academic background in web3 public goods research, understand its concepts, theories, and practices. Able to discuss the value, challenges, and sustainability of public goods, and have the ability to propose related research questions.
  • Familiarity with Web3 and Ethereum ecosystem: Have a certain understanding of Web3 technology and the Ethereum ecosystem, familiar with the basic principles of blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized applications, and understand the impact and potential of Web3 technology on the field of public goods.
  • Experience with Web3 products: Researchers should have experience using Web3 products, especially familiar with the Gitcoin grants mechanism. They should understand how the Gitcoin grants platform operates, understand how to raise and distribute funds through the platform to support the development of public goods.
  • Chinese and English reading and writing skills: Researchers need to have good Chinese and English reading and writing skills, should be able to read and understand related academic literature, technical documents, and have the ability to write clear, accurate research reports and papers.


The writing of the paper is divided into two stages. In the first stage, a PM and a researcher are required to focus on outputting the initial draft. In the second stage, based on the initial draft, community feedback will be continuously absorbed and the paper will be continuously optimized until the final draft is completed.


Complete the initial draft in 1 month.


Complete the final draft in 1 month.


2 months


Without a clear operating plan, operating personnel may be needed to help with grant applications and community promotion.

Budgets And Distribution

two months total: 14400 U

PM: 2400U/Month 60hours+

Researcher: 1800U/Month 60 hours+ (from uncommons)

Bounty: 3000U/Month

LXDAO as the initiator of this project, I request 4800LXPU from LXDAO as seed funding to cover PM’s 2-month work.

We will also contact other organizations for getting more funds for the research, after obtaining the funds, we will create a multi-signature wallet to manage these funds. The records of each fund disbursement and the POW records of the participants will be made public in the community.

Revenue Distribution

This project will not pursue financial returns, but will produce a solution for a Web3 public good, thereby enhancing the influence of LXDAO and providing guidance for the future development of LXDAO.

Key Result

A paper: Sustaining Web3 Public Goods: Analysis and Solutions for Funding

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Cool, while I would suggest to refine the proposal title to add a “paper” to explicitly convey that the product/project is a paper as the output. Currently it is a bit confusing.

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Yeah, agree with Mike. Others look good to me. Just the time is intensive, not sure if we could finish it on time or not, you must be focused to finish it.

Yes, the time required for the paper needs to be confirmed with the Uncommons community.