Proposal: Expert Working Group proposal for S6 (draft)


This proposal is the plan of the Expert Working Group for season 6.

As the focus of the community shifted, season 6 re-adjusted its direction and invested more resources in the Professional Field.


After discussions between core members of the community and members of the team, in addition to normal support for community work, more output in the professional field is needed.

The main objectives are as follows:

  • Support community projects.
    • Provide technical, product, and other support for projects before its establishment.
  • Support community activities.
    • Provide professional support for activities carried out by various working groups, such as Workshop, Hackerhouse, etc.
  • Support community BD work.
    • Provide professional support for cooperation projects.
  • Research & Application in professional fields.
    • Publish 3~4 research bounty every month.
    • 2 research & applications in professional fields will be started this season.
  • Recruit more members (+50%).


Apply Process

  1. Make your application to the group, or any team active member invite you.
  2. Provide your background information to review, such as education, companies you have worked for, skills, etc.
  3. The team leader initiates a vote and achieves no more than 2 votes against active members voting.

What are you benefiting from?

  • Gain access to a group of members with Web3 expertise.
  • You will have the opportunity to directly participate in the launch phase of community projects, creating great products.
  • Here you can continue the research you are good at and benefit more people.
  • Through your professional ability and efforts, you can get tokens and spiritual benefits here.
  • We will issue a certificate on EAS that you are one of us to express our recognition.


  1. Team members can apply to leave the working group.
  2. Team members will be removed by governance for violating the community governance regulations and removed from the working group.
  3. Team members who have not contributed in the current season will be marked as inactive in the next season and cannot participate in team governance. If there is no contribution in the next season, He/She will be removed from the team.

Team Setting

Role Responsibility Name Working Hours Salary
Leader 1. Build the team and recruit missing Web3 professionals. 2. Connect with the work and arrangements that the community needs support from, and participate in these. 3. Promote team matters, organize weekly meetings, and record pow. 4. Promote research and application matters in professional fields. 5. Increase the team’s influence within and outside the community. Kahn 20hrs/week 3200 (U/LXP)/Month

Other fixed positions will be applied by team active members in the season period.

Budgets and Distribution

Total budget: 8000 U/LXP

  • Fixed position salary expenditure.
  • Research bounty.
  • Research & applications in professional fields.
  • Routine bounty. (meeting, support projects, support community work, etc.)
  • For
  • Abstain
  • Against

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[3:35 PM] Bruce Xu

What are the reasons experts would like to join an organization?

[3:35 PM] Bruce Xu

What are the main activities of our organization?

[3:36 PM] Bruce Xu

What do people think an excellent expert organization should be like?

[3:36 PM] Bruce Xu

I’ll note down these thoughts first so I don’t forget later.

[3:37 PM] KJ (Guest)

Bruce Xu
What are the reasons experts would like to join an organization?

I hope that my research findings can be popularized within the DAO.

[3:39 PM] KJ (Guest)

Bruce Xu
What do people think an excellent expert organization should be like?

The best research is definitely groundbreaking, going from 0 to 1.

Typical research is more like investment research, akin to a literature review.

We can learn from SlowMist.

There’s also the brand effect here. Being a member of the expert group is a recognition of one’s abilities. This is also a benefit.

It would be good to make a text version of the content because Snapshot will compress the image and make it hard to recognize.

Do we have detailed plans regarding allocation? I remember seeing some rules on the Season 6 meeting notes, can we add more details?

More allocation rules were written in specific actions.