Operation Bounty Intro(WIP)

Operation Bounty intro

The total budget for the operations group this quarter is 18000 lxpu all, 6000 lxpu per month, consisting of 3600 u and 2400 lxp. The lxpu distribution follows the ratio of lxp to u at 6:4. The PM receives 2000 lxpu.

This Season Bounty Pool

Considering that the previous Bounty setup had a predetermined upper limit, which restricted everyone during the actual process, we have decided to adopt a flexible Bounty format.

This month’s open Bounty pool: 4000 lxpu

How to claim a Bounty within the operations team?

  1. When you come across a Bounty that meets the requirements, reach out to the respective initiator to claim it.

How to initiate a Bounty within the operations team?

  1. If you have a new idea or spot an area that requires improvement, you can independently initiate a Bounty.
  2. Before initiating, check the ongoing tasks and prioritize completing the current work. Also, confirm if someone is currently working on it.
  3. If no one is currently working on it and there are no immediate tasks, you can initiate the Bounty independently. Clearly state the content, personnel, time, cost, and expected outcome, and then sync it with the team.
  4. After initiating, if the majority votes in favor or the leader confirms it, proceed with execution.
  5. Upon completion, record the Proof of Work (PoW).

working hours

lxpu Explanation How to Obtain
Senior 25/h Senior is the highest hourly rate for the entire operations team and requires relevant members to have knowledge of LXDAO, understanding its needs and current status. 1. Meet the required skill level and be recognized by the majority of the team (over half of the operations team members).2. Already involved in contributing to LXDAO.3. Hold a buidler card.(Note: Conditions may be relaxed for exceptionally skilled individuals.)
Intermediate 20/h Intermediate is the highest hourly rate that new members can apply for after joining. 1. Meet the required skill level and be recognized by the majority of the team or get outcome(over half of the operations team members).
Junior 15/h Junior is the base hourly rate for new members upon joining.

Selection of lxp and u Distribution Ratio:

In the absence of independent selection, the default ratio is 6:4 (lxp:u).

Work Duration Ratio (lxp:u)
0-20h 10:0 ~ 6:4 (lxp can be chosen more)
20h+ 10:0 ~ 1:1
80h+ 10:0 ~ 4:6

Registration and Payment

  1. Self-registration: Every Friday morning, the person who claimed the Bounty completes the PoW registration for the current week.
  2. Weekly meeting confirmation: Confirmation of the registered PoW takes place five minutes before the Friday meeting.
  3. Community announcement: At the end of each month, the PM completes the PoW statistics, and the period from the 1st to the 7th of the following month is the announcement period.
  4. Payment conditions: After confirming the accuracy during the announcement period, payment is made if the claimant’s monthly incentive exceeds 100, or if the incentive does not exceed 100 but the cumulative incentive spans a minimum of three months.
  5. Actual payment: Payment is made between the 10th and 15th of the month.

运营小组 Bounty 机制

本季度运营小组的总预算 18000 lxpu,6000 lxpu /月,3600 u,2400 lxp。(lxpu = lxp or u(6:4),PM 2000 lxpu。


考虑到之前 Bounty 的设定都是定好了一个上限,让大家在实际过程中受限,所以采用灵活 Bounty 形式。

本月开放 Bounty 池 4000 lxpu

运营组内如何领取 Bounty?

  1. 看到符合要求的bounty,找对应的发起人领取。

运营组内如何发起 Bounty?

  1. 新的想法或者看到有需要改进的地方,可以自主发起 Bounty
  2. 发起前,需要先看看目前正在运行的工作,先完成当前工作为主;同时,确认是否有人目前在做
  3. 如无人做,且当下无其他工作,可自主发起,说明内容、人员、时间、费用、结果,然后同步工作组。
  4. 发起投票半数通过或 Leader 确认无误后,开始执行
  5. 执行完毕,登记 PoW


lxpu 说明 如何获取
Senior 25/h Senior 为整个运营小组的最高时薪,需要相关成员了解 LXDAO,能够知道 LXDAO 的需求和现状。 1. 能力达标,被大多数人认可或有结果(运营小组一半成员以上)。2. 需要是在 LXDAO 已经参与贡献。3. 持有 buidler card。(Ps:如果能力强可放宽条件)
Intermediate 20/h Intermediate 为新成员加入后可以申请的最高时薪。 1. 能力达标,被大多数人认可或产出结果(运营小组一半成员以上)
Junior 15/h Junior 为新成员加入时基础时薪。

lxp 和 u 发放比例选择:

没有自主选择情况下,默认 6:4(lxp:u)

参与工作时长 比例(lxp:u)
0-20h 10:0 ~ 6:4(可选择lxp更多)
20h + 10:0 ~ 1:1
80h + 10:0 ~ 4:6


  1. 自主登记:每周周五上午前由 Bounty 认领人完成本周 PoW 登记
  2. 周会确认:周五周会前五分钟对已经登记的 PoW 进行确认
  3. 社区公示:每月月底 PM 完成 PoW 统计,次月 1-7 号为公示期
  4. 发薪条件:公示期确认无误后,且认领人的本月激励超过 100、或激励不超过 100 但激励累计时间跨度满三个月
  5. 实际发放:10号 - 15 号发放

Thank you for the explanation! I have confusion and look forward to your help.

About this passage: “If there is a demand and a Bounty, but the task cannot be categorized under a specific (concretized) Bounty, it will be calculated based on an hourly rate.”
Can you give a example to show the difference between concrete bounty and the more vague one? Which category will translation fall into? From PoW table, I think it’s taken as hourly work? But it’s not in the bounty category, so may be I misunderstood it.

I will delete these words as they confuse people.

There are real needs, and there are bounties available.
In most cases, calculations are based on hours, with the maximum amount being the bounty pool.
In a few cases, calculations are based on a specific bounty.