LXDAO Working Group Recruiting&Bounty

In the new phase of the working group, we have 6 working groups are running, for the transparency of each recruitment information, the PM of the working group will announce the recruitment information and bounty tasks in this post, welcome to apply and receive

Brief information on the 5 working groups

Governance Working Group

Responsible for LXDAO governance, organizational optimization, white paper and tokenomics design
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Technical Expert Working Group

Dedicated to LXDAO’s projects, providing technical advice and support
Proposal Link:

DAO Tools Working Group

Responsible for LXDAO’s DAO basic tools building, DAO management tools building
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Operations Working Group

Responsible for LXDAO’s operation, BD, and partner matching, etc.
Proposal Link.

SteadyForce Working Group

LXDAO The most stable power
Proposal Link.

Governance Working Group Recruitment


LXDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization focused on product development. Our mission is to gather the power of builders to sustainably construct and support conscious Web3 projects, and to welcome one billion users into Web3.

Our main research areas include open-source products, achieving sustainability of public goods, and promoting Web3 education. LXDAO currently has 54 members with governance rights and has developed 12 products, many of which have received support from organizations such as the Ethereum Foundation and Filecoin Foundation.

About the Governance Team

The Governance Working Group is the core working group of LXDAO. We are responsible for researching and optimizing LXDAO’s governance model, organizational structure, tokenomics, and whitepaper revisions. Our mission is to do the best for LXDAO’s long-term success and to achieve decentralization.

Your Mission

The Governance Team is seeking members with governance experience to join us. You will promote the mission of LXDAO by optimizing governance models, organizational structures, personnel and compensation models, token economic research, and more.

As a member of the Governance Team, you will work closely with other members to develop and execute strategies to improve the governance transparency and efficiency of LXDAO, while achieving decentralization.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Research governance models to improve the efficiency and decentralization of LXDAO
  • Study tokenomics in the context of open-source community culture
  • Work closely with working groups and the community to communicate and address governance issues
  • Supervise community proposal management and promote governance transparency
  • Conduct research on open-source culture, public goods, and Web3 education, and provide recommendations for whitepaper revisions
  • Conduct user research, study and analyze data to determine trends, and provide references for future governance models.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Understand DAO collaboration concepts, participate in the construction of one or more DAOs, and conduct research on DAO governance
  • Have a reliable record of meaningful interactions with the open-source community
  • Have experience in technical writing and content creation
  • Strong communication skills and subjective initiative

What You Will Get

  • LXP (LXDAO contribution points) and U
  • Experience in DAO organizational models
  • Experience in contributing to open-source communities
  • Experience in governance exploration

About You

You are an excellent communicator and team collaborator
You know how to navigate a lean startup environment. You master online communication across various platforms (Twitter, Discord, Forum, Telegram).
You are solution and goal-oriented.
You take self-responsibility and initiative, with a “can-do” attitude. When you encounter difficulties, you know what steps to take and how to independently solve problems.
You have an ownership mentality.
When you accept a task, you will complete it. You proactively solve problems that obstruct your path and those that obstruct the path of others.
You are highly organized.
You have strong habits that allow you to track multiple responsibilities at the same time. You know how to define project scope, anticipate difficulties, and turn ideas into reality.
You have values aligned with open-source culture.
You are passionate about the open-source and/or free software movements, audit resistance, and decentralization.

If you are interested, please contact @Marcus (zqsanjingshou@gmail.com) or reply in this thread

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I saw your post on a platform. I am an SGN holder at SeeDAO (#493) and have been working at YYeTs, an online fan sub group, as an executive managerial/governance official for over a decade now.

Feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Best wishes

Hello Lasperado!
Nice to read your message.
I will be in touch with you, please leave your Discord number or telegram

Hi. My Discord handle is Lasperado#5429. My telegram is @Lasperado