Onboarding Committee Working Group Season 1


Title: Onboarding Committee Working Group Season 1
Duration: 2022 October 1st - December 31th(About 12 Weeks)
Proposal Champion: Bruce
Date: Oct 26th,2022


Onboarding Committee Working Group is a critical working group responsible for reviewing the application and onboarding the new builders into LXDAO.

Here is the proposal for electing Onboarding Committee Working Group for Season 1. This proposal will cover the Onboarding Committee members’ requirements, work boundaries, incentives, key results, etc.


There will be 8 members in the Onboarding Committee Working Group who have access to the applications and are responsible for the onboarding.

There will be one leader in the Onboarding Committee. The leader will be responsible for the whole process, including reviewing the applications, dispatching the applications to the proper buddy, leading the committee to improve the Onboarding experience, etc.

After getting an application, one member will be working as their Buddy to follow up on the application. Buddy should contact the applicant, get more details about them, and share them with the Onboarding Committee to make the decision. If there are some questions from other members, Buddy needs to contact the applicant and get them solved.

The other 7 members will be responsible for reviewing the applications, checking their backgrounds, making decisions, and voting for the proposal. This process is decentralized to ensure fair and transparent decisions. Notice: make a fair decision. You don’t need to approve every application.

For example, after getting an application:

  1. Leader assigns it to one member, and the member will be their Buddy. The leader can also be assigned.
  2. Contact the applicants to get more details and share them with the Onboarding Committee.
  3. Start snapshot Onboarding proposal. The other 7 members vote for the application.
  4. If over five members vote “For” then the application gets approved. If over five members do not vote “For”, the application gets declined. If it is a 3:4 situation, we need to have a discussion and make an agreement, then make a new final proposal to vote on and make the final decision.
  5. Buddy should give feedback to the applicant and start the Onboarding process.

The onboarding speed should be controlled to around 30 buidlers per month. If we have more applications, we should pick up those who contributed to LXDAO before or with better skills. The criteria for entering LXDAO should be higher and higher. Please remember we need deeper connections and collaboration rather than the number of members.

Member requirements

  • Deep understanding of LXDAO’s culture, core values, workflows, etc
  • At least 5 hours/week for reviewing the applications and doing the Onboarding session
  • Good at communication. The Onboarding session is a Face-to-Face remote session
  • Good English skill is a bonus as we are going to have some buidlers who speak English

General Election

Every season (3 months), we will host one General Election for the Onboarding Committee for the next season. Each election will replace four members from the Onboarding Committee. Each member cannot stay on Onboarding Committee for over two seasons. Members of the Onboarding Committee should transfer their experience to the new members during the overlap season.


  • Leader of the Onboarding Committee: 500 LXP per month as base
  • Members of the Onboarding Committee: 200 LXP per month as base
  • Work as Buddy for the new applicant: 100 LXP if succeeds, 50 LXP if failed
  • The new joiner gets over 1000 LXP during the first three months, and their Buddy will receive a bonus: 200 LXP

Key results

  • Control the quality of the LXDAO Community. The buidlers should meet LXDAO requirements and can contribute to LXDAO in some ways
  • Finding and inviting excellent buidlers with proper skills into LXDAO when needed
  • Provide good onboarding experience and help new joiners start their journey in LXDAO

Budgets for this season

  • One leader: 500 LXP * 3 = 1500 LXP
  • Seven members: 200 LXP * 3 * 7 = 4200 LXP
  • Estimated new joiners: 30 per month * 100 * 3 = 9000 LXP
  • Max active new joiner bonus: 30 * 200 * 3 = 18000 LXP

In total, no more than 32700 LXP for the season. Based on the real cases, it should be less than this budget.

  • For
  • Against
  • Need more discussion

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For the Incentives, will add 500LXP per month for the Coordinape reward pool.