[Mississippi] Monthly Rewards and POW Publicity

In light of runway and project milestones, I propose an equitable salary reduction across the board. Despite the team’s diligent work, we must adhere to our budget constraints. According to our FairSharing principle, payouts will be proportional to the budget’s limitations.

Take, for instance, a total allocation of 5000u for our current milestone. If we have 100 individuals contributing 10 hours each at a rate of 25u per hour, the budget cannot sustain the ideal payout of 250u per person. Instead, each will receive 50u to align with the total budget of 5000u, not 25000u.

Hence, the Project Manager must oversee and regulate:

  • The adequacy or surplus of human resources; should there be a surplus, we must scale back accordingly—there’s no necessity for 100 people when 5 would suffice.
  • Adherence to development best practices; any deviation that leads to inefficiency should be curtailed to avoid squandering time and resources on unsuccessful trials.
  • Focus on the most critical features and only pay those that we need

Also, where to see the PoC table? Like 「Web3logo」 allocation in Oct(10月)