Definition of Season

In the previous process of working group formation, the following problems arose regarding the inaccurate definition of Season, some working groups were formed with S2 (based on the number of initiating proposals) and some working groups were formed with Season number S4 (based on LXDAO running time)
Here I would like to initiate a brief discussion on the definition of “season”

About Season

LXDAO will be running a distribution campaign called “Seasons” for 3 months with the aim of driving engagement and functionality in the LXDAO community.

There are 3 core components to the season:

  1. Community working group&projects (generating on-chain revenue)
  2. Distribution campaigns (increases engagement)
  3. Member benefits (increases member value)

Seasons serve as a period when the community is aligned on a core set of goals, projects and activities. It is meant to clearly outline the scope of work for contributors - the things that everyone needs to get together and focus on.

With so much discussion and so many projects being proposed, Seasons should be used as milestones to prioritize the most valuable work streams.

Once the season is over or coming to an end, the community enters a “pre-season” phase where the goal is to realign, discuss, propose and organize around the next season - this leads to a culmination of projects and activities, all of which are voted on through the chain.

The season is the roadmap for the community. As such, much of the community’s attention, discussion and energy should be focused on ensuring the successful completion of each season.

Season number about the establishment of the group

For example, if a new ‘‘X1’’ working group is formed during the LXDAO community’s Season 5 cycle, then the number should be Season 5, but of course, try to launch the proposal at the end of the previous quarter, so that the three-month runtime is guaranteed.

Community Working Group

The Community Working Group is the core work stream of the community and typically has three main goals: to advance open source products, to achieve sustainability of public goods, to promote Web3 education, etc.

Each project workgroup should have a detailed work plan that clearly outlines goals, tasks, relevance, establishes clear KPIs for completion and successful spacing, assigns responsible team members, and any other requirements and needs.


Project teams and working groups have the same autonomy, with a core focus on generating revenue for LXDAO(Similarly, revenue generation should be the core objective of the working group)

Distribution campaigns

At the end of each quarter, a distribution plan reference for LXDAO for the next quarter should be made based on the distribution status, which will be discussed and planned at a community-sponsored strategy meeting at the end of each season

Member benefits

Each Season, the benefits for LXDAO Members should also be planned systematically and discussed and planned in the Strategic Meeting

I think the overll function of Seasons is necessary for the community. For myself, it’s still a bit abstract for now. It seems to me that part of this is because that I am pretty unfamiliar to the community and haven’t participated in or contribute to some projects significantly. On the other hand, the concept of “Seasons” will be actually functional if there are too many discussions or proposals in the community and the organization become more complex as times go by and more people coming in, at that time everyone will need a focus on things that are most important to DAO. For now, I think it’s both a great framework and concept.
But may be it’s already quite useful to LXDAO in many ways, just I don’t know about them.

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Great, here’s the revised summary:

Introducing LXDAO Seasons

LXDAO Seasons are defined as three-month periods, starting from June 1st, 2022. For instance, May 2023 is nearing the conclusion of LXDAO S4.

Purpose of LXDAO Seasons

  • Facilitate budget management by allowing for easier budget calculations based on seasons.
  • Simplify progress tracking and time duration measurement within LXDAO.
  • Streamline project and working group management, including team member replacements, re-elections, and other organizational tasks.

Implementing LXDAO Seasons

When submitting budget proposals for a new season, working groups should indicate the specific season in the application. For example, the proposal title could be: “LXDAO Season 5 DAO Tooling Working Group Proposal”.

In addition, regarding the extension of the idea of season, I think we can try to combine the tokenomics, in the future, each season can discuss the ration of token release according to the strategic conference, and the benefits given to members, etc.