LIP13: Season Definition and Organizational Structure


This proposal will propose a definition of Season and an organizational structure for LXDAO, which will make LXDAO more efficient and encourage more members to contribute and join LXDAO, while the POW records of various tasks will allow every LXDAO member to get something for their work.

1. Season

Season is defined as the season of LXDAO, starting with the establishment of LXDAO (2022/06/01), three months is a season

  • Season 1 - 2022/06/01~2022/08/31
  • Season 2 - 2022/09/01~2022/11/30
  • Season 3 - 2023/12/01~2023/02/28
  • Season 4 - 2023/03/01~2023/05/31
  • Season 5 - 2023/06/01~2023/08/31
  • …(and so on)

There are 3 core components to the season:

  1. Community working group&projects (generating on-chain revenue)
  2. Distribution campaigns (increases engagement)
  3. Member benefits (increases member value)

Seasons serve as a period when the community is aligned on a core set of goals, projects and activities. It is meant to clearly outline the scope of work for contributors - the things that everyone needs to get together and focus on.

With so much discussion and so many projects being proposed, Seasons should be used as milestones to prioritize the most valuable work streams.

Once the season is over or coming to an end, the community enters a “pre-season” phase where the goal is to realign, discuss, propose and organize around the next season - this leads to a culmination of projects and activities, all of which are voted on through the chain.

The season is the roadmap for the community. As such, much of the community’s attention, discussion and energy should be focused on ensuring the successful completion of each season.

Season Discussions

The last month of each Season is the forum proposal discussion time, in this month, will open the next proposal rotation content: including but not limited to, content work summary, the next quarter working group proposal, working group leader rotation and election, the establishment of new working groups, etc.

In the last month, forum proposals will be launched and open for discussion by all community members.

Proposal process

  1. At the end of each season, the lead will initiate the discussion of the next season’s proposal.
  2. All community members can participate in the meeting discussion.
  3. The proposal discussion includes a campaign for the lead, which is voted by the community members who have the right to govern. If no one runs, the original LEAD will continue to serve.
  4. The requested budget may not be financially supported and will need to be adjusted before being sent to Snapshot for voting

Proposal content

Proposal content includes:

  1. summary of the last quarter, goal achievement, income, expenses, and remaining treasury assets.
  2. next quarter’s work objectives, which need to be broken down into executable tasks.
  3. Staffing for the next quarter.
  4. Next quarter’s budget, revenue allocation and expenditures

2. Organizational Structure

In the design of the organizational structure, including working groups and project teams, the working groups and project teams are at the same level and are supervised by the community, and the working groups and project teams are established in strict accordance with the proposal steps

Working Groups


The content of this guide is divided into 3 parts: introduction to working groups, guidelines on how to set up working groups, and guidelines for working groups to prepare quarterly proposals.

Introduction to Working Groups

Working Groups are autonomous groups that are formed for the purpose of supporting the basic operations of the community (e.g. Governance, Operation), making the community work better (DAO Tools, SteadyForce, Technical Expert), performing certain special tasks (Financing), etc., and reaching consensus within the community.

  • Working groups can perform independent asset management, such as income and expenses. After initiating a season proposal, a working group can apply for funding to maintain its operations.
  • After launching a SEASON proposal, the working group can have a fixed staffing, designed by LEAD. The fixed staffing requires clear roles, weekly work hours, and salary.
  • The working group is set up and its daily work is supervised by the governance working group. Supervised work scope: LEAD election, voting, income distribution, information disclosure, etc.

How to set up a working group

Formation process

  1. Community members generate the idea of setting up a working group based on community needs, then the initiator organizes a discussion in the community, collects community needs, and initiates a forum vote.
  2. After the forum vote is approved, the initiator participates in coaching based on governance and format requirements, and the governance team prepares Snapshot proposals according to the specifications and releases them
  3. After the community members with governance rights have voted to approve the proposal, the working group is formed and the proposal initiator is the lead

Project Teams

A project is an effort to create a unique product, service, or outcome. The project team operates on a cycle independent of Season, but requires a milestone summary at the end of each Season strategy meeting

How to start a project

Any community member has the right to initiate a project.

  • When a community member initiates a project individually (not in a working group), a project group with the same name is automatically formed, e.g. when an EIPs fun project is initiated, the EIPs fun project group is formed at the same time.
  • A community member initiating a project within a working group does not form a project group.

Project requirements

  1. The project initiator must be a Buidler Card holder

Establishment process

  1. the initiator initiates an idea and organizes a discussion in a public forum (forum, discord).
  2. initiate a soft vote in a public forum and pass it.
  3. Prepare proposal.
  4. submit the proposal to the governance working group for review. 5.
  5. Once the review is approved, a proposal vote can be initiated in Snapshot (and possibly Tally later).
  6. Voted by the community members with governance rights, and the project & project team is formally established after it is approved.
  7. the initiator is the Project Manager (PM for short)

Proposal writing

  1. Proposal preparation can be found in template.
  2. The proposal must contain the following elements:
  • Background of the project

  • Why the project was initiated (why)

  • Project scope (what)

  • Project plan (how)

  • Personnel roles, recruitment, quantity requirements

  • Funding requirements

  • Income and expenditure allocation rules

    income: grant, donate, sale, financing, ico.

    expenditure: salary, third party service.

    Regarding the definition of percentage share, case by case, PM needs to define the allocation rules for each income accurately.

    Example: For example, in the EIPs fun project, LXDAO community initiated the project, with a 15% share, and Planck injected initial funds (seed round), with a 10% share.

    In the early stage of the project, grant and donate should be used more to pay members’ salary.

  • Key goals

    For example, to achieve xxx-like goals in xxx time (SMART principle)

Project Governance

  • Project team information (members, phase, status, etc.) must be public for the community.
  • For ongoing projects, PMs need to attend weekly community meetings to report on the current status of the project and output weekly reports.
  • The current status of the project, not reaching milestone plan, will be evaluated externally by an expert working group to give an evaluation report.
  • 1 member of the governance team is required to participate in governance coaching.
  • Anyone who has participated and contributed to the project is a member of the project team and receives incentives according to the project revenue distribution rules.
  • Project replacement PM, need PM in advance to the public discussion in the forum or contact the governance group for disclosure, after passing the replacement is successful

Budget application

When the project is set up, it will include a budget. If the project needs to apply for funding from the LXDAO community treasury, the PM needs to initiate a separate proposal. (Use of Working Group or Project Team treasury funds is determined internally by the organization)

  • PM prepares the proposal with the workgroup or project team as the organizational entity and the project needs as the context.
  • Submit the proposal to the Governance Working Group for REVIEW.
  • Once the review is approved, a vote on the proposal can be initiated in Snapshot (and possibly Tally later).
  • Vote by community members with governance rights, and after approval, the community treasury multi-signer executes the grant.

3. Strategy Meeting

The Strategy Assembly is organized during the last month of each season and is initiated by the Governance Team with community-wide participation to keep the community on track by summarizing the previous season and planning the strategic direction for the next season

At the strategy meeting, discussions will include but are not limited to

  • Summary of the previous season, direction for the next season
  • Workgroup additions, rotations, and transitions
  • Previous budget summary, next season budget allocation
  • Project Development Plan
  • Community mission and vision

4. Supplementary Budget

The Supplementary Budget request is a supplemental budget request to address the fact that the actual budget for the award was not as much as it should have been due to the different timing of the previous working group proposals.

Governance Working Group

Echnical Expert Working Group

DAO Tools Working Group

Operation Working Group

SteadyForce Working Group

Financing Working Group
Based on the previous proposal content set for the six working groups, the budget was supplemented

Name Additional months Supplementary Budget Season 5
Governance Working Group 2 17200 2023/06/01~2023/08/31
SteadyForce Working Group 1 6000 2023/06/01~2023/08/31
DAO Tools Working Group 1 6200 2023/06/01~2023/08/31
Operation Working Group 1 6000 2023/06/01~2023/08/31
Technical Expert Working Group 1 4400 2023/06/01~2023/08/31
Financing Working Group - - -
Total 39800

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According to the past season events, the technical expert working group should decrease the budget.
I recommend reducing the monthly budget from 6400 to 4400.

The Operations Group was established in April, which means it needs two months more.
According to the proposal time the official implementation is April 27th

LIP11 updated to LIP13 as a new snapshot proposal has been released

OK, I’ll scale back of budget