Community Call 2023-02-22

Host: @TengWang

Time: 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM Beijing Time UTC+8


  • New joiners self-introduction

    • Box(NO.50)、Tintin(NO.51)、Tracy(NO.52)
  • PM Projects Updates

  • Working Groups Updates

  • Community Updates

    • Completed v1.0 financing deck for LXDAO and reached out to 8DAO and Atlas Capital
    • Researched and designed a solution for a DAO event scheduling system: Buidl a DAO public event (online meeting) systems
    • Collaborated with 捕鲸船, had an interview for LXDAO
    • Launched a new project: FrenArt
    • Synchronized with MoleDAO, the LXDAO experts team will provide technical review for the MoleDAO Demo Day
    • Submitted a project to the Network State Hackathon
    • Created a topic for the long-term plans of LXDAO
  • Random Talks

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