Buidl a DAO public event (online meeting) systems

Objective: To create a system for managing DAO meetings and events, making it easy for DAO members and the public to participate in the events of their choice, and to provide proof of attendance.


  1. Event Creation:
  • DAO members should be able to create events by submitting a form, selecting the attendees (by sending emails to builders based on roles, projects, or working groups).
  • Event creation should be restricted to DAO members only and all events should be publicly accessible.
  • Use Microsoft Teams API and the agent account official@lxdao.io in the backend.
  • Build a form for events, including title, time, description, etc. Bypass the lobby by default, so new joiners do not have to be admitted.
  1. Event Management:
  • Save the event details in the database and display them on the public events page on the LXDAO website.
  • Create an event in Discord and on the Google LXDAO public calendar with a link to the event.
  • Provide the ability to download the event ICS and import it into their calendar.
  1. Event Participation:
  • DAO members should receive event invitation emails for meetings.
  • The public should be able to register for the event and receive invitation emails.
  • Joiners should receive proof of attendance (SBT or POAP) for the events if they attend the whole event.

Note: More requirements may be added as needed. Feel free to suggest any additional requirements.

Example code from chatGPT:

const axios = require("axios");

// Replace with your access token
const accessToken = "<access_token>";

// Replace with the ID of the meeting
const meetingId = "<meeting_id>";

// The URL for inviting participants to the meeting
const url = `https://api.teams.microsoft.com/v1.0/onlineMeetings/${meetingId}/invitations`;

// The request headers
const headers = {
  Authorization: `Bearer ${accessToken}`,
  "Content-Type": "application/json",

// The request body
const body = {
  invitations: [
      emailAddress: {
        address: "user1@example.com",
      emailAddress: {
        address: "user2@example.com",

// Make the POST request to invite the participants
  .post(url, body, { headers })
  .then((response) => {
    // The participants were invited successfully
    console.log("Participants invited successfully");
  .catch((error) => {
    // The request failed
      `Failed to invite participants. Error: ${error.response.status} - ${error.response.statusText}`

A solution for making DAO meeting notes.

Use Teams’ recording and generate transcript feature to make the recording. Then put them into ChatGPT to summarize and translate, and sync them into Notion.

An ideal Event (Meeting) for DAO should have the following features (might be a DAO Tools SaaS):

  1. Everyone in the DAO can create the Event and invite some DAO members
  2. The Event should be public or at least public in the DAO DAO’s public calendar. The calendar should provide subscribe feature
  3. DAO members of the public can register for the Event
  4. After registering for the Event, it should show up on the subscribers’ calendar
  5. Record meetings and upload the recording to Youtube or somewhere automatically
  6. Make transcripts automatically, and use ChatGPT to translate or improve the text, create DAO notes, and share with the whole DAO
  7. Easy to record who attended the meeting and as proof of attendance

maybe, we should use calendy api to solve this.


It can save a lot of development, mainly to do docking and display on the official website. Calendy itself has the ability to connect various calendar tools and social media.

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Calendly might help 2, but unlikely support 1, 3, and 4. They do support group meetings, but we cannot add all LXDAO buidlers and/or some public members into Calendly due to the costs:

5 and 6 can be solved by Microsoft Teams + ChatGPT.

It should be ok to develop such small plugin or scripts, it may not be suitable for investing too much in development it.

Agreed, this will be a crucial tool for the DAO. My proposed implementation plan is as follows:

  1. Develop a form on the website for creating events. Builders can create events by connecting their wallet and saving the event in the database. They can also select the builders who are required to attend the meeting.
  2. Utilize the Teams API to create the event and add the builders’ email addresses to it.
  3. Create an event on the public Google LXDAO calendar with the Teams meeting link included.
  4. Additional integrations (such as WeChat Bot, Discord Events, Twitter) can be added later, but are of low priority.
  5. Display the events on the official website (Builder Dashboard).

As for recording and transcribing, these tasks can be completed manually for now. Shouldn’t be a lot of development work.