Would it be a good idea if we start some testnets faucet service

There are many faucet services, like Blast Faucet for Sepolia by QuickNode

However, there are too many steps to get some test tokens, especially since they leverage them to attract more developers to buy and use their service. Nothing is wrong, but we could deploy and maintain some testnets and provide faucet services for a better development experience.

I heard that not many testnet service providers exist because they are not profitable. This will be an important public good for developers.


我觉得可以在myfirst l2 里 做水龙头合集 方便大家寻找

One vote from me, it should be very convenient to have a central portal on fauceting.

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I think it’s a great idea, but just providing a tap service would be too monotonous, I think we could incorporate a little bit of education or animation and other small content
such as:

By the way, I think this is can combined with MyFirstLayer2

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