Welcome to LXDAO forum

LXDAO is an R&D-focused DAO in Web3. Here are some links:

Our Mission: Bringing together buidlers to buidl and maintain “LX” (valuable) projects for Web3, in a sustainable manner.

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Where to start in this forum?

First, you can go to the categories page Categories - LXDAO to look at and get familiar with the categories.

In short:

  • You can post anything in #general
  • Sharing Web3 Learning materials in #learning
  • Check Weekly and govern LXDAO in #governance
  • Vote for the project proposals in #proposals
  • Join the projects or discuss specific LXDAO projects in #projects
  • Find a job in LXDAO project teams in #jobs
  • Claim some research topics in #research and share your outcome