We should build an SOP for new project initialization and workflow

With more and more projects coming out, we might need to build an SOP for the workflow.

For example, before the project was initialized:

  • Proposal on Forum
  • Discussion on community call
  • Discussion, MVP, prototype design, etc
  • Formal proposal on snapshot

After the project initialized:

  • Release the news, posts, etc. on social network
  • Assembled the team from the community
  • Setup up weekly meetings on the forum like EIPs Fun Project Weekly #19
  • Make weekly meeting video recordings and upload them to YouTube for transparent
  • Sync the progress with the community on the community call
  • Update LXDAO website
  • Looking for external grants and collaboration
  • Set up FairSharing and notion page for the project for saving the product docs and collaboration

Feel free to add more or remove some to make it clear and efficient, thanks.

cc @sanzhi @Marcus

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