The strategy of Web3 education on the season 7

After the last season meeting, some members figured out the Web3 education should focus on the ‘MyFisrt’ series.
Obviously, there are some problems.

  1. it’s too expensive to produce. Most of the effort has been in website development (product design, UI/UX design, programming). but less in content.
  2. MyFirstNFT and MyFirstLayer2 are independent of each other, there is no connection between them, and they cannot form a flat scale effect.
  3. There are many other educational stuff that can’t be applied to it, such as research articles, online sharing sessions, etc.
    Do you guys have any strategies with specific actions?

What we are trying to build on MyFirstLayer2 is to create the program so that we can focus on content creation in the future. So the design and development work won’t take much effort.

We have created MyFirstWeb3 or for this, the domain for NFT is and Layer2 is

But I might vote for, for example,,

We could add a section on the website for the requirements. List the events and articles. We could also use Twitter or social media for it.