The next version of MyFirstNFT?

Hi guys, leave your ideas about the second version of MyFirstNFT here.

From me, I think we should add a Developer guide to NFT on this project, open source it, make it become a public good, and everyone can contribute to the source code and keep improving it.

Also, because the content is so long, we can make a clearer design for the content, like a roadmap in 创建与分享个性化RoadMap的社区 - #6 by Dyson. So people can pick up the content they need the most to learn and avoid costing to much time.


Make the series of MyFirstXXX to help people get more about web3.
For example MyFirstToken, MyFirstDAO, MyFirstGrants, etc.


Maybe consider some invitation support functions to remark who my ferryman of MyFirstNFT?

Yeah, domains already registered :slight_smile:

Interesting idea. We might use SBTs to do it.

And compare with I think we should keep our styles and targets: for newbies in Web3, very simple language or diagrams, help them quickly understand some concepts, then give some clues for further research.

The target could be considered to be split into three steps in order by which newbies could be turned into old hands:

  1. Aquire basic knowledge by some quiz challenges
  2. Get hands dirty by some project challenges
  3. Build web3 resume by some framework and guidelines.
    Further more, LXDAO may dedicate in bridging the old and new world.

Found a similar tutorial for Move Move Castle

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Either way, there is one thing we have to do add the developer part of the knowledge. Introducing how to Buidl your first NFT project and contract and some common ways of releasing an NFT project.

I’ll make the outlines for it.

可以联动一些提供free mint NFT的工具,比如Dtool、B4fomo,每天有不同的list让大家去free mint也会很有趣

感谢 MyFirstNFT 的开源项目。项目中分享的学习资料以及源码,对我自己动手开发有很大帮助。期待 “the series of MyFirstXXX ”
我在 rinkeby 网络部署了合约,动手做了一个前端 mvp 项目 – 实现把写作内容转成 JPEG 然后上链。

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How about MyFirstVoting?
Everyone can use the word “governance token” but maybe many of people won’t join in governance.
So we will provide chance to make an experience of voting for each of new-comer web3 people.

Yeah, I think we can put vote knowledge in the MyFirstDAO project :grinning:

For the First NFT generator part, we can add more CC0 options and collaborate with them.

For example, provide generator, and make a proposal in their forum to see if we can get some grants for integration. It will be a win-win.

We have open-sourced all code of MyFirstNFT:

After some discussion, the general idea of MyFirstNFT season 2 will be:

  • Add how to develop NFTs tutorial (from a developer’s perspective)
  • Buidl a roadmap on the page, show a clear structure and roadmap so that users can easy to track their progress, for example
  • After finishing, get an SBT certificate.
  • Add more CC0 NFTs to mint, like nouns, mfers, moonbirds, etc
  • Add how to trade NFT part of content, like how to trade on OpenSea, etc
  • Improve information structure, and prepare for the later MyFirstxxx products
  • SEO improvements and operations for letting more people know NFTs

Our target is a One-stop NFT knowledge-sharing platform. Anyone interested in NFT, just open and they can get everything they need to know. And the content is written and maintained by the community to make sure the quality and

I’m making more detailed plans on this and will write down or invite tech writers to build outlines together and make a proposal. In the meantime, I will submit grant applications to see how much we can get and determine how many features or resources we need.

My estimation is:

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Grants: less than 50K USDC or equal tokens
  • Buidlers: 1 Product Manager + 1 Designer + 2 FrontEnd Developers + 1~2 Content creators + 1 Operator

Simple version:

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Grants: 30K USDC or equal tokens
  • Buidlers: 1 Product Manager + 1 Designer + 1 FrontEnd Developer + 1 Content creator

After confirming the details, I will make a proposal and give it to the community to vote. Stay tuned!

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Submit ESP, OS, others

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Do some research on and try to make the process more interesting.

Mfers generator