SteadyForce sharing plans for Nov, 2023

There are four Team members in the Steadyforce from the proposal Snapshot.

  • Bruce Xu, Full-time, Senior, 5500 LXPU per month
  • Wang Teng, Part-time, Senior, 2250 LXPU per month
  • Kahn, Full-time, Senior, 5500 LXPU per month
  • 0xhardman, Part-time, Intermediate, 1800 LXPU per month
  • Sanzhi, Part-time, Medium, 3400 LXPU per month
  • Mike, Part-time, Senior PM, 2500 LXPU per month
  • Wwei, Full-time, Intermediate Dev, 3000 LXPU per month

The budget for SteadyForce are 8000 LXPU (4800U + 3200LXP), therefore, we will give:

Month: November

SteadyForce Monthly budget: 8000 LXPU

Budget Total(Nov): 24000-6551-8972 =8477 LXPU


Total compensation so far: 12,721

Remaining pool: 8477

Conversion ratio: 1.5