Space2Podcast Plan

非常感激过往 LXDAO 的 builder 和 friends 的支持,大家的出现和早期的贡献构建了 LXDAO 良心的基础。

在运营小组成立后,我们希望能够通过 Space 的与大家聊聊,以一种访谈(但轻松)的形式介绍自己,展开说说与 LXDAO 的缘分,同时我们也想让新来的伙伴更加了解 LXDAO 的 buidler 和 friends。

所以,运营提案的第一季度(LXDAO 的第四季度)的目标之一是重新链接。

通过 Space 与 buidler & friends 访谈,通过 podcast 沉淀;
重新、公开的介绍自己,同时聊聊对 LXDAO 的期待、实际火花与现状建议;

Let‘s buidl together!

We are very grateful for the support of LXDAO’s builders and friends in the past, and your presence and early contributions have formed the foundation of LXDAO’s conscience.

After the establishment of the operation group, we hope to talk to you through Twitter Space, introduce ourselves in the form of an interview(more casual), and talk about the fate with LXDAO, and at the same time, we also want to let new people know more about LXDAO’s buidler and friends.

So, one goal of the first quarter of the operational proposal (the fourth quarter of LXDAO) is to relink. Interviews with buidler & friends through Space, precipitation through podcasts.

Introduce yourself again and openly, and talk about expectations, reality and current situation of LXDAO.
Link again, get feedback, work to improve, and move forward together.

I think LX Talks is good to have, but not the main task.

Reason: time cost. only one talk per week? And we have dozens of builders. It might take a year for everyone.

We should test how much time it will cost.
Then we know the time cost.