Simple donation solution or dapp in Web3?

In my opinion, the real user of a donation tool is the company or the project owner, and it must be made as easy as possible for them to use.

  1. A very convenient platform that allows the project owner to set the currency, amount, donation deadline, etc. for accepting donations
  2. Generate an API after setting it up, it can be like a pop-up window to their website. Or be able to provide a link for people to click
  3. Easily browse all the donors’ information, and even export it with one click
  4. Manage multiple donations at the same time, etc.

Maybe we could make it simple. If there are two choices ,one could make 20/100 of your fans to donate and the other could make 30/1000 of your fans to donate, then what would be your choice as a well known writer?

And try to imagine in which scenario Vitalik would feel more rewarded?
A. Finish “Soul Bound” then get donated if someone love it.
B. Share a brief idea of “Soul Bound” with a pre-donation link on twitter and get donated finally both from pre-donations and additional donations after “Soul Bound” is published.

Why not just leave the concept whether it is a donation or crowdfunding aside first ,and take more focus on the key user story (the blank is the measure taken to achieve the goal ):
I can _____________ so that I could feel more rewarded

There is a chance to create a popular tool rather than a mediocre tool :slight_smile:

Hi Dyson, there are SOOOO many tools, for example,, etc are for your second scenario, more than enough. We don’t need to reinvent the wheels.

This project is for the first scenario, Vitalik wants to finish “Soul Bound” no matter whether there will be income or not. He just wants to finish it, and after it’s done, Vitalik would feel rewarded enough.

BUT, there is a very easy way that they can put a QRcode on the web page for donation. Maybe someone will give a donation, maybe no one, but they don’t care. If someone give, they will be happy, that’s it.

We can see plenty of the requirements from the first scenario:

What you have mentioned also reminds me of a product, they provided a crowdfund writing feature that shares an idea first after got enough donations, and starts writing. But after a few months, seems no one uses it anymore.


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more use cases:

Just throw the address. Hard to donate.

Just got an idea that we can provide an extension and generate a donation project on the page. Users can click once and create a QRcode to put it on their post, Twitter, etc.

For example, after finishing the Twitter thread, click the extension, create a QR code, and put it there.

more use cases.

this product is great

Found a good product for the widget part

我先完成了一个简单的产品原型 DEMO,

我对这个产品的预期,早期可以先聚焦在只是做多链、多Token的捐赠服务。未来可以朝着粉丝、圈子的方向靠,通过售卖月卡加入粉丝圈子,来获得相应达人颁发的 SBT。


  1. 定制捐赠的Widget 样式 和 Link主页界面 1.0
  2. 绑定关联捐赠钱包地址 1.0
  3. 捐赠人连接钱包往捐赠钱包发送Token 1.0
  4. 捐赠同时,允许12个字符以内的附言,上链 1.0
  5. 简单的捐赠数据统计(链上+链下前面过滤统计)1.1


  1. 增加按月捐助,设计简单的经济模型,按年捐助,先将钱质押到donate3的合约地址,由donate3按月释放给达人
  2. 线性释放过程,捐助者可以随时取消下一次的捐助,提走代币
  3. 质押过程中,粉丝和捐助的达人都会获得donate3平台的token
  4. 累积达到捐助阈值,粉丝会获得达人颁发的SBT,根据不同的阈值,通过burn SBT + donate3 token 获得更高级别SBT
  5. donate3 每次线性释放给达人收取3%税收
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Good example for Web2 opensource projects

Records are left on the chain based on donations and bounties.
lenster already has a relatively mature product.

and,I think there is no more space for tool applications on the main Ethernet, and the cost of using tool applications will not survive on the main network. The only way to engage in the layer2, and then tools to be user-friendly (to attract web2 users), you have to break away from the Ether eoa account system. Such a layer2 has starknet and fuel.

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It’s funny. if the proposal about it is initiated, I can support it as a smart contract developer role.

New use cases: We need your help! - AnonFiles

Private donation

We could tell them to integrate with donate3. @kahn.yuan
爱发电 · 连接创作者与粉丝的会员制平台

Potential customers:

web2 pay
JS.ORG - Open Collective
Liberapay 的资料页面 - Liberapay

可以提前整理一些可以 bd 的用户,例如 GitHub - AmazingAng/WTF-Solidity: 我最近在重新学solidity,巩固一下细节,也写一个“WTF Solidity极简入门”,供小白们使用,每周更新1-3讲。官网: