Simple donation solution or dapp in Web3?

In we have a donation AD section.

But it has several issues:

  • Hard to integrate. You must write some code on the website.
  • Due to limited time and resources, this modal only supports ETH. It should support multi-chains and multi-currencies.
  • It’s super hard to get the donor information, like avatar, name, Twitter, etc. We have to contact through Web2 ways manually to get the information, then update the website.

Ideally, we can have a donation dapp in Web3, which provides:

  • A Web3 SaaS app that the user can create a project and set up the donation receiver address and the currencies they accept.
  • After they created the project. Easy to integrate with web pages, apps, etc.
  • It should be a dapp to keep the money safe.
  • When donating, the donor can fill in some information, save it in the contract, and show up on the web pages and apps automatically.
  • Issue SBTs to the donor for further use, like airdrops, etc.

Any existing products?

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Why not use Gitcoin grants? Not all apps are open source and are worth the time to go through the Gitcoin application process. For the tiny project, they just want to use a very simple way to integrate with it.

It likes the in Web2. But we can provide a way to embed with your website or GitHub Readme and automatically show the donors’ information like the following.

(from GitHub - react-hook-form/react-hook-form: 📋 React Hooks for form state management and validation (Web + React Native))

Of course, every information is on Web3, saved in the contract, the avatar should be using NFT?

Found one but it seems just a button How to integrate Web3 Payments | Documentation - DePay

我觉得我们可以开发一个,并且从设计之处就是给其他网站或者dapp可以使用的,你只需要连接钱包,即可快速获取你的 donate widget,它有两个核心功能:

  1. 支付赞助。使用多币种和多链。
  2. 赞助本质上其实是一次 mint,需要填写少量信息(一个link,一个图片地址),然后提交mint之后,信息记录到 ipfs 或 链上,同时返还一个不可转让的 sbt nft。


I think we can develop one, and from the design point, it can be used by other websites or dapps. You only need to connect the wallet to get your donate widget quickly. It has two core functions: 1. Pay for sponsorship. Use multi-currency and multi-chain. 2. Sponsorship is actually a mint in essence, you need to fill in a small amount of information (a link, a picture address), and then submit the mint, the information will be recorded on the ipfs or chain, and a non-transferable sbt nft will be returned. And we, as a tool, get a percentage of each payment.


Yeah, the gas fee might be a problem on Ethereum. Normally, donations won’t be much. And mint an NFT will need more than transfer.

Also need to think about how to store the information. IPFS might lose or costs fees.

Probably recommend using another chain or Layer2?

Sounds great, maybe we can build a Dapp for this LOL

Maybe we don’t have to creat a new mint or transfer procedure but to use some tools which have already exist. For example, POAP.

可否让这个想法更加web3一些?一个Donation Contract?毕竟web3的优势就是促进低信任环境下的协作。比如,只要设定一个目标,即使处于未完成状态,也可以求捐助与捐助,但最终捐款是否真正发生取决于约定的目标是否达成(或者某个公认的条件被触发)。理论上借助智能合约有机会做到。如果真能尝试出来,Marketing效果会更好些,应该会很受欢迎。

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Juicebox is recommended, seems to meet most of the cases, we can take a look and do some research on it

And just got an idea that this tool can generate a QR code, and can be scanned by the mobile wallet app to finish the donation.

This is crowdfunding, I think meet your requirements.

I just donated AssangeDAO by juicebox several months ago still haven’t done too much in-depth research on it yet. The most convenient place for juicebox is to prove the corresponding rights by giving the donor tokens. And I don’t think it focus on the integrity of the donor and recipient. Take AssangeDAO for example, even the treasury has been founded successfully by juicebox within just a few days, there are still not any effective action taken forward which had been anticipated by the donors.

So I suggest to strengthen the chain of trust from the very beginning, rather than just focusing on how to raise money.

IMO, the donation is not for raising money, it’s like after you have done something, someone gets benefits from it or loves your work and is willing to give you something for nothing in return. It’s not like I set a goal first, then after the money is raised, start working on it.

Found another case

Not much donation. But what if you put an AD here and automatically show the donor’s information or ad, would it be more?

Ok, I got you now. The concept of donation is somewhat too big to clarify. We may collect and find the primary user story firstly, and try to calibrate whether we are on the same issue by some similar solutions or products.

Is the current user story we are talking about that you can donate so that your love for the project is permanently recorded? If so, would be the similar case to check out which provide kind of P2P donation solution.

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In addition, the user story on my mind is that your donations would be implemented when the milestones are reached so that you could figure out how your money would be spent and avoid being deceived. This story may fit for some charity or innovation challenge scenarios.

Common cases on Chinese website


In addition, the user story on my mind is that your donations would be implemented when the milestones are reached so that you could figure out how your money would be spent and avoid being deceived. This story may fit for some charity or innovation challenge scenarios.

The user story in your mind is called crowdfunding from my perspective.

And for the Depay donation product is close to the donation requirement. But their features are mainly for payment, and it seems that you must donate fiat, they will convert it into cryptocurrencies.

From me, the user stories are:

  • The creator or user creates a project (can be anything, e.g., a post, a space event, a project, etc) on our product, and after that, they can get QRCode + URL + Code, and put use them on their posts, website, products.
  • Some viewers read their posts or use their products, and feel really good, love it, then they saw there is a way to donate to support the creator, and they will consider donating a few to them.

Above is the basic requirement and user story, which can be solved by Depay Donation or something else. But the reality is there are only a few people willing to donate, let’s say, 1 out of 1000 viewers who love this work will donate. So I got more ideas about encouraging people who love the work to donate:

  • You can donate any cryptocurrencies freely from anywhere, just connect your wallet, and approve
  • Put your name and avatar on the donation wall after donating cryptocurrencies automatically, and save it on the blockchain forever to show your kindness, and you will get the reputation. This might increase the number of donors from 1/1000 to 10/1000.
  • Return an SBT to the donor as proof of the kindness and contribution to the creator. Later, if the creator created some new projects, they can airdrop or whitelist those addresses with that SBT. This might increase the number of donors from 10/1000 to 30/1000.
  • The website will show real-time donation events and the amount of the donation, might help people found more valuable projects. And increase the creator’s income.
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In my opinion, the real user of a donation tool is the company or the project owner, and it must be made as easy as possible for them to use.

  1. A very convenient platform that allows the project owner to set the currency, amount, donation deadline, etc. for accepting donations
  2. Generate an API after setting it up, it can be like a pop-up window to their website. Or be able to provide a link for people to click
  3. Easily browse all the donors’ information, and even export it with one click
  4. Manage multiple donations at the same time, etc.

Maybe we could make it simple. If there are two choices ,one could make 20/100 of your fans to donate and the other could make 30/1000 of your fans to donate, then what would be your choice as a well known writer?

And try to imagine in which scenario Vitalik would feel more rewarded?
A. Finish “Soul Bound” then get donated if someone love it.
B. Share a brief idea of “Soul Bound” with a pre-donation link on twitter and get donated finally both from pre-donations and additional donations after “Soul Bound” is published.

Why not just leave the concept whether it is a donation or crowdfunding aside first ,and take more focus on the key user story (the blank is the measure taken to achieve the goal ):
I can _____________ so that I could feel more rewarded

There is a chance to create a popular tool rather than a mediocre tool :slight_smile:

Hi Dyson, there are SOOOO many tools, for example,, etc are for your second scenario, more than enough. We don’t need to reinvent the wheels.

This project is for the first scenario, Vitalik wants to finish “Soul Bound” no matter whether there will be income or not. He just wants to finish it, and after it’s done, Vitalik would feel rewarded enough.

BUT, there is a very easy way that they can put a QRcode on the web page for donation. Maybe someone will give a donation, maybe no one, but they don’t care. If someone give, they will be happy, that’s it.

We can see plenty of the requirements from the first scenario:

What you have mentioned also reminds me of a product, they provided a crowdfund writing feature that shares an idea first after got enough donations, and starts writing. But after a few months, seems no one uses it anymore.


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