Season 6 Meeting Organization

What is a strategy seaon meetig

Season run

Season Route, Community Together


LXDAO plans and manages its development on a quarterly basis, with each quarter focusing on core metrics, development goals, and community engagement

Duration: Each Season is three months long, counting from the first Season (Season 1) of LXDAO’s inception in June 2022

DEVELOPMENT: Quarters serve as a roadmap for community development, clarifying tasks and goals for contributors and bringing community members together to focus on a common cause.


Quarterly budgets are communicated ahead of time at the previous quarter’s strategy meeting

Before each quarter opens, the community holds a strategy meeting to discuss and allocate the quarterly budget. eg: DAO Budget Introduction

At the beginning of each month, backdated PoW awards from the previous month are submitted to the public system by the workgroup or project team leader, and the accounting team counts, reports, accesses, and handles dissenting PoC records, and finally approves them by the Multi-Signing Committee.

Strategy Meeting

During the last month of each quarter, a strategy meeting is organized by the Governance Group, inviting the entire community as well as external observers.

The meeting includes gathering and reviewing community development issues, summarizing the previous quarter’s work, presenting proposals for the next quarter’s workgroups, electing and rotating workgroup leaders, and creating new workgroups and projects.

Season 6 Strategy Session Content

  • Last Quarter’s Summary
  • Planning for next quarter
  • Workgroups change and run for office
  • Proposals for new workgroups
  • Budget for next quarter
  • Multiple sign-ups

How do I get involved in running for Task Force Leader?

  1. You have a Buidler Card. You can find out if you have a Buidler Card at the following link
  2. Fill out an application and sign up for a strategy session to discuss LXDAO planning.


By 10.31 (collect the list of running leaders)

  1. LXDAO information gathering 10.29 @Marcus @Sanzhi @Bruce Xu
  2. planning LXDAO issues 10.30 @Marcus @jessica zhou @Bruce Xu
    e.g. What will LXDAO look like in 5 years?
  3. invite community members and Leader&PM (default) to participate in answering questions 10.31 @jomosis1997 @Cikey @Marcus
    Incentivize the highest rated answer

Invitation strategy:

  1. broad invitation to community members (application form)
  2. Targeted request for long-term members
  3. require Buidler card for those running for office

11.04 Strategy Season Meeting 1

  1. Keywords: summarize, review
  2. leader summarizes and answers questions (try to answer all questions by 11.04)
  3. If anyone signed up for Leader in the first strategy session, include them in the list of candidates.

11.11 Strategy Season Meeting 2 (Campaigning)

  1. Keywords: planning, visioning
  2. summarize the direction and plan for next quarter based on the previous strategy session
  3. people to run for Task Force Leader

11.18 Working Group Forum Proposal

  1. Successful Leaders organize WG Forum proposals based on campaign materials 2.
  2. Community meeting to present the working group proposal

11.22 Workgroup Snapshot Proposal (Key Timing Points)

11.30 Formal Implementation

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