needs help is an essential app for Web3 security. It will check your wallet allowance, approve permission, and help you revoke them for security concerns.

Currently, there is only one developer, Rosco, full-time working on this project, and the only funding is from donations and Gitcoin grants.

A few big things that Rosco is looking to work on in the coming months:

  • Expanding functionality, for example adding an “allowance history” page to see where allowances were approved / revoked / used
  • Improving filtering of “spam” tokens + other “polishing” features, e.g. adding pricing information for tokens
  • Improving education, adding a knowledgebase section with resources about allowances / wallet security

We could help Rosco:

  • Contribute some features and improve the product
  • Education and promotion in the Chinese Web3 community
  • Try to find more donations or grants for it
  • More

Any idea?


Possibly useful features:

  1. Batch revoke: instead of sending multiple transactions, users can revoke allowances of multiple tokens/NFTs by sending a single transaction.
  2. Send notifications to users to revoke allowance if there is any risk. Example: suppose users approved token allowance before and a vulnerability is observed in the spender smart contract. Sending notifications can avoid potential asset loss.
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Each authorization requires sending a transaction,technically it is impossible to revoke multiple authorizations in one transaction.
Maybe we can add a feature to show smart contracts with the most recently revoke actions

Ahh, only smart contracts(GnosisSafe wallets) can do that, but not EOA.

Not sure revoking approval for “smart contracts(GnosisSafe wallets)” is a possible feature though.

Exciting news! I just found out from Gitcoin that has received around 638k in grants. It looks like they don’t need funding support anymore. - Helping you stay safe in web3 | Grants | Gitcoin