Resubmission of proposals: Create LXDAO OP treasury

We will resubmit our proposal to create an op treasury.
According to the voting rules, we reached the 20% voting threshold, at that time, the creation of a treasury was a consensus-level proposal for the entire DAO, and we believe that this proposal needs to reach more than 70% of the vote in order to be approved.
Votes in favor: 19, Votes against: 0
Vote ratio: 19/61 = 31%
Failure to meet consensus-level proposal threshold (70%), not adopted

Why does it need a 70% turnout number?

Treasury creation and migration are consensus-level proposals, which are top-level institutional proposals for the entire DAO, including, for example, changes to voting rights, changes to the underlying governance mechanisms, treasury migration, and so on.

Why didn’t this vote reach the 70% threshold?

We believe that the proposal was not publicized enough. After we release the proposal next week, we will publicize the proposal to the community and entrust the governance team to communicate with buidler card holders one-on-one and vote on it.

Is it important to create optimism treasury?

It’s important for the following reasons:

  1. a significant reduction in gas fees, as in previous treasury transfers we were losing hundreds or thousands of dollars in gas fees due to transfers being made on the mainnet.
  2. Optimism is a layer2 that supports the ecology of public goods, and has introduced the concept of RFG, as well as governance mechanisms, and the creation of the Citizen’s Council to support the ecology of public goods, and our creation of the optimism treasury is in line with our public goods strategy.

How will the creation of the optimism treasury inconvenience members?

Today, the main applications and assets are still on the ETH mainnet, and many members will not be accustomed to optimism’s stablecoin, but we will take the following steps to guide them once the treasury has been created

  1. for active mainnet trading users, create an exchange guide, give members a variety of ways to optimism stablecoin cross-chain to the mainnet, now cross-chain fee is only 10 or so dollars, of course, the best means of cross-chaining is still exchange
  2. for exchange users, optimism stablecoins can be withdrawn directly to exchanges, don’t worry, we will also provide guidelines!

In next week’s weekly voting cycle, we will optimize the proposal, re-release the proposal to create an optimism repository, and do a lot of community outreach!

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