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Assignee: @Bruce_LXDAO

What is Folius Ventures?
How to contact them?
What are their investment styles?

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Founded in Sep 2021, investors are Framework, Galaxy, Dragonfly, etc.

Investment styles

  • Focus on the Asia Pacific
  • Prefer the early-stage investments
  • Care about business logic and application side
  • Considerations:
    • Care about the founder’s characters
    • The track length
    • Business sustainability
    • The skills of the team
  • Half of the investments are small, and another half are big, between 250k ~ 2M USD
  • Target: invest in 25-35 startups in the following 2 years
  • Directions:
    • To C entertainment and technology segment, like games, NFTs, etc. Because most of them do not have many connections with reality
    • Digital organizations.
    • Web3 primitive finance, like insurance, accounting, lending, etc.
    • Web3 accounts/DID.
  • Don’t Like:
    • Homogeneous basic financial products, micro improvements of DeFi
    • Web3 SaaS tools. Because Web3 is very early, it might not be good timing for doing it. Good companies might have their customized infra and might not need external tools. And they should have the ability to buidl it.

Founder’s opinion

  • The next bull market will arrive at the end of 2023 or 2024.
  • At the moment, Web3 has no patterns. Founders should think in terms of first principles and try some new things.
  • Buidl a better product is more important than finding some good VCs.
  • There will be B2C Web3 apps coming. They might start from small apps and utilize Web3 tokenomics and profits sharing strategies. Another is a Web3 browser, sharing the AD profits with the users. In short, find some high-frequency use cases and share some profits with the users to let them promote the app.
  • What a good Web3 project looks like?
    • Web3 should have a different and clear profit-sharing model compared with the similar Web2 app. More specifically:
      1. The users will have a better experience, for example, an NFT-based account system that the user can use to sign in to different platforms and use the services.
      1. There are so many homogenized apps, why users choose yours? Buidl some innovation on tokenomics to attract them.
  • In the future, Asian buidlers will have advantages. Because more applications will be coming and Asian buidlers are good at buidl good experience apps in low costs and high speed.

Other resources

Folius Ventures GameFi deck 2-8-2022 CN.pdf (1.3 MB)