Research DAOSquare project

Assignee: @Bruce_LXDAO

We have the same values and beliefs in Web3.

They are a new form of incubator based on the concept of Web3 and runs on Ethereum. Link the resources, the investors can put their money in it, and projects can apply for it. They are building some tools or infra for manage resources.

Their investment types:

  • a great startup idea
  • an interesting product
  • a piece of art
  • an aspiring artist
  • a meaningful event
  • a circle of fantastic interest

Basically, they would like to try everything that can make Web3 a better place.

Their portfolio:

More on DAOSquare - Incubator for Web3

Some useful links:

Governance, tokenomics, and credits system:


DKP is a proof-of-work credit in DAOSquare. The community members can get DKPs after community members finish some work or join some events in the community. In general:


There are 6 types of DKP:


Donate $WXDAI on DKP to get DKP1.


Staking $RICE on


Join the community events, share knowledge, and make contributions to get.

DKP5 join volutuneers events to get

DKP6 join the offline activities to get

DKP Usage

DKP1, DKP2, and DKP3 used to mint membership NFT to get some benefits from the community. There are four types of roles in the community:


  • Passport: Can get investment quota, make proposals, a basic role, need: burn 10 DKP2 + 3 DKP3 + staking 30+ $RICE
  • Cafeteria: Can get investment quota, make proposals, need: burn 10 DKP1 + 50 DKP2 + 5 DKP3 + staking 2000+ $RICE
  • Matrix: full-time worker in DAOSquare


  • What does investment quota mean? Means the quota you can get for your projects? or the quota vote power in the proposal?


Governance token, total 100,000,000. More details DAOSquare price today, RICE to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap.


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@daodao @Marcus, you might be interested in this topic.

Grants and investment:

Introduction of OVOGrants Introduce to OVOGrants - Grants - DAOSquare. In short:

  • Less or equal than 10K, XDAI and WXDAI
  • Anything
  • Create a proposal on the forum and wait for feedback, then join a session to share your idea and get approved by more than 50%
  • If the project has business potential, DAOSquare incubator has priority to incubate

Submit the grants application here Grants - DAOSquare

Notes on submitting grants

Suggestions for us

  • Make a good application to submit for the specific project
  • After we do a lot of valuable projects, we can try to submit one for LXDAO

TODO investment rules are unclear.