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What is it?
How does it work?
How it distributes rewards?
Is there a better way to allocate rewards?

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What is Coordinape?

Coordinape is a platform for DAOs to incentivize and reward contributors. DAOs usually have no HR department or fixed salaries, so the decision-making is moved to the community.

How Does it work?

The GIVE points of the coordinates are not on the chain, and now it is only used as a distribution and evaluation tool

Coordinape runs in epochs: periods of time in which contributors can send each other GIVE tokens. At PoolTogether epochs are 14 days.

Each member of the Coordinape circle is allocated 100 GIVE tokens, which they can freely distribute to other contributors during the epoch.

All GIVE tokens of all contributors in the circle combined represent the total budget allocation. When the epoch ends all un-given GIVE tokens are “burned”, increasing the per token-worth of the given GIVE tokens.

How does it distribute rewards?

Coordinape has a gift-circle

The purpose of the gift circle is to reward all the ways value is brought to your DAO. Over the course of the epoch, each member should allocate their GIVE tokens to other members using whatever logic makes sense to them with the goal of making sure valuable contributions are recognized and compensated as accurately as possible.

Is there a better way to allocate rewards?

There have many DAOs tools, Different tools for different needs

Station: Decentralized infrastructure to create and fund community projects

Sablier: Streamline payment process for contributors, support DAI

Verse Network: DAOs governance tools (test)

Super DAO: An all-in-one platform to start, manage and grow a decentralized autonomous organization

Dework: Web3-native project management with token payments, credentialing, bounties

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