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Hi, I notice that Vatalik Buterin has published a book named Proof of Stake: The Making of Ethereum and the Philosophy of Blockchains. It’s edited by Nathan Shchneider, and he has written an introduction for the book. It’s concise and not professional (no jargons in computer science), since Nathan himself is a researcher in social science, particularly media studies. I am interested in translating this introduction. What do you think of this idea?

This is a link of the book:


Cool, @sanzhi is operating a translation group, might be good to translate and review

I think this is a great idea, LXDAO has a translation team whose job is to translate a lot of great articles for the Chinese community, and I think we can do this

Thank you for the feedback! I will begin to translate. I am already in the translation group so I know the translation workflow in our team.

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There should be some bounties from the Operation Working Group, I think. After the new Operation Working Group has formed, we can discuss the rewards.

Sounds great! By the way I am interested in becoming a bulider to participate more. Need that kind of information too.

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Welcome to our weekly community call, which will take place every Saturday. During the call, we will provide updates on our ongoing projects and working groups. We are certain that you will find something that interests you and that you can contribute to. We look forward to your participation.

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Added to this week community call: LXDAO Community Call #45 - #3 by Bruce_LXDAO

Hi, I have translated the first article of this book, since i couldn’t find a translation on the internet. Looking forward to some suggestions, such as whether it’s feasible or beneficial to work on it, or anything.
Link of the translation:

Accidentally, I found that there have been a translation of this book, which was published in March (didn’t know this before. I think partly due to my search method; and partly because it’s already a niche topic. ). I guess we don’t need to repeat the work.