LXDAO Community Call #45

Host: @Marcus

Date: 22th April 2023, Sat
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Time zone: Beijing Time (UTC+8)

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Collaboration with Plancker DAO for more tech support.

Create proposals and vote on Snapshot(off-chain) or Tally(on-chain).

Governance Group

This Week:

  • Onboarding prototype proofreading, Moving on to design optimization and development planning
  • Unifying an identity definition, about to launch a forum discussion
  • White Paper Framework

Next Week:

  • White Paper Collation
  • Follow up onboarding development plans

Experts Working Group

  • 跟进项目:myfirstnft,donate3。
  • xhash 调研和对接跟进。
  • 预算估算。


  • 提交正式的预算和目标提案。
  • 项目跟进。
  • 尝试启动一些新的技术项目。

this week

  • Follow up projects: myfirstnft, donate3.
  • xhash research and docking follow-up.
  • Budget estimates.

next week

  • Submit a formal budget and goals proposal.
  • Project follow up.
  • Try to start some new technical projects.

LXP System User Guide

Financing Working Group

This Week:

  • The Financing Working Group got approved, and the WG will be formed officially next week
  • Created LXDAO legal discussion. Researched other DAO legal structure
  • Sent deck to a few VCs and waiting for the response

Next Week:

  • Form the official Financing Working Group
  • Contact VCs and follow up on the progress
  • Continue working on the DAO legal structure

EIPs Fun

This Week:

  • Finished half of the PoC of the initial product
  • Finished the draft product deck and polished the content
  • Submitted EIPs Fun to Gitcoin Web3 Community and Education and try to find more grants
  • Discussed the operation and research plans

Next Week:

  • Finish the PoC of the initial product
  • Push the development progress
  • Finalize the product deck
  • Start preparing the content
  • Follow up on grants and sponsorships


This Week:

  • Submitted the KYC and grants application
  • Reviewed the code and picked it up

Next Week:

  • Follow up on the history report feature
  • Push the progress of remaining works


This Week:

  • PM will be changed to Bruce to follow up on the remaining technical progress

Next Week:

  • Analyze the remaining works and follow up on the development progress
  • Try to finish the first version


  • Developed Fairsharing project for DAO Hackathon

DAO Tools

This week:

  1. Conducted two in-depth discussions on the requirements of the onboarding process.
  2. Updated the working group product roadmap with insight.
  3. Research snapshot plugin, nouns DAO, tally, and other tools.
  4. Research 0xSplits and public share.

Next week:

  1. Onboarding process development.
  2. Sort out the key points and branches of the working group.
  3. The official website shows the design of the stable currency reward system.
  4. Research DAO Tools.



  1. 运营工作分类
  2. 运营提案梳理、更新、发布通过
  3. 微信公众号《周报》《翻译|更好的界面,更好的产品》《Idea:SafeUrls》
  4. Space & 播客计划的框架,LX talk


  1. 预算制定:固定岗和激
  2. 发布人员招募文章,招募进度 20%
  3. 运营支持系统与 PM 确认,且开始运作
  4. 学习工作坊计划撰写 50%
  5. 运营工作组文件整理,制作文件上手说明指南
  6. Space 和播客计划:LXtalk 发布论坛,第一轮 Buidler 邀请

This Week:

  1. Classification of operational work
  2. Review, update, and publication of operational proposals
  3. WeChat official account “Weekly report”, “Translation: Better interface, better product”, “Idea: SafeUrls”
  4. Framework for Space & podcast plan, LX talk

Next Week

  1. Develop budget: design fixed positions and incentives, reconcile with governance committee, publicize.
  2. Publish recruitment articles, progress to 20% recruitment.
  3. Verify and activate operational support system, begin operation.
  4. Write 50% of learning workshop plan.
  5. Sort and organize operational workgroup documents, create a user manual for documents.
  6. Space and podcast plan: publish LXtalk forum, invite Buidlers in first round.



  • 本周完成了研发一轮走查,完成度90%;
  • 本周完成了产品的一轮走查,针对Header,Footer,页面布局等进行了更新;
  • 本周完成了设计的一轮走查,针对设计比较突兀的地方进行了更新


  • 组织产品设计review会议;
  • 修改贡献者模块,二合一;
  • 技术开启二轮走查;
  • 响应式兼容,主要是移动端;

This week

  • This week, we completed a round of research and development walkthroughs, with a completion rate of 90%;

  • This week, we completed a round of product walkthroughs and updated the header, footer, page layout, etc;

  • This week, a round of design walkthroughs was completed, and updates were made for areas where the design was more abrupt

next week

  • Organize product design review meetings;

  • Modify the contributor module, two in one;

  • Two rounds of technical start-up walkthroughs;

  • Responsive compatibility, mainly on the mobile end;